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Fiscus Klugger Racing 481X

Former drag radial kingpins, Kevin Fiscus and Josh Klugger, have set their primary focus on Pro Mod! After a successful season in 2013, they look to continue winning this year. When it comes to making power, they rely on a PLR 481X, twin Precision Pro Mod 88's, and a Proformance Racing Transmission to put it to the track. Here are some pictures of their build when it was here for a standard freshen up and a few shots of the car from a test session.

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Murder Nova BBC Turbo Freshen Up

Shawn Ellington, AKA Murder Nova, is in the process of making some big changes to his street car, a flat black 1969 Chevy Nova. Ellington, one of the front-runners in the show Street Outlaws, previously ran a Procharger setup and is making the switch to turbos! He recently sent his engine to Pro Line to be freshened for the new set of twin-turbos. We look forward to seeing the turbocharged Murder Nova in action next season!

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PLR 481X Going to Sweden

jcopson header
A Pro Mod racing team out of Sweden called FF-Racing LuleƄ had us build this PLR 481X beauty for their 67 Camaro built by All In Race Cars. The PLR 481X engine has been shipped to countries across the globe and we can't wait to hear from our Swedish friends as they get the car ready for the track. We will keep you updated on their progress.

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El General Racing Spare 481X

We are one week any from the Street Car Super Nationals and the El General Racing Camaro is ready to roll! Las Vegas is a long drive from Georgia, but if there ever was a race that doorslammer records fall, it's this one! 

When traveling 2000+ miles from home, it is customary to bring a few extra articles of clothing just in case you might need them. Similarly, when traveling 2000+ miles with the quickest turbo doorslammer in the world, it is customary to bring a spare engine! 

The El General Camaro is powered by the PLR 481X turbo engine combination. In case they run into problems, this spare will be swapped out, fired up, and sent down the track at speeds north of 250mph!

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Joe Copson's 544ci BBC

jcopson header
With the biggest Outlaw 10.5 race of the year coming up this weekend, the YellowBullet Nationals, it feels fitting to showcase Joe Copson's custom 544ci BBC. This big chevy, paired with twin Precision turbochargers, is the powerplant of Copson's show quality 2010 Outlaw 10.5 Camaro! He dropped his motor by the shop to get it ready for the race. We can't wait to see him back on the track showing what his ride can do!

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PLR 540 BBC for American Street Rods

asr header
A while back we built a custom PLR 540ci big block chevy turbo engine for a hot rod shop in Oklahoma City, called American Street Rods. Little did we know, it was going to end up in a completely custom '49 Chevy truck. Along with twin Precision 76mm turbos and a complete EFI package, this street rod will be an amazing piece of work! Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available!

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Steve Gorman's PLR 481X

gorman header
The PLR 481X engine platform is quickly becoming the most popular engine we build. We are happy to announce that a well known Outlaw 10.5 racer in New Jersey, Steve Gorman, will be running this engine in his Mustang! We have been racing with Gorman for a long time and we're happy to finally be a part of his team!

You may get a chance to see him at the Yellow Bullet Nationals at Cecil County Dragway on Labor Day weekend and possibly the Shakedown Nationals at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio. He is also a regular at the Cecil County Streetcar Shootout series, and 10.5 races at Atco Raceway!

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Frank Pompilio BBF Freshen Up

Long-time Pro Line Racing customer, Frank Pompilio, recentlly sent his PLR 632 BBF back to be freshened up. His big block powers an Outlaw 10.5 twin turbo 1967 Mustang that has always been a crowd favorite. We anticipate seeing Pompilio at several events such as: Cecil County Streetcar Shootout series, The Outlaw 10.5 Association series, Yellowbullet Nationals, and The Shakedown Nationals!

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Gerald's PLR 427 LS Mozez

Texas racer, Gerald Bunce, contacted us about building an LS engine for his beautiful C6 Corvette and this is what was created! It is a 427 cubic inch LS engine on alcohol with Mast Mozez heads and a Hogan's sheet metal mainfold.  Paired with a set of Precision Pro Mod 88mm turbos, this combo could make upwards of 3300hp!

Stay tuned for more updates on this build, including; a gallery of the race car, initial startup video, testing, and more!

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Ron Schlessinger's PLR 670

Earlier this season, Ron brought the PLR 670 from his Outlaw 10.5 Corvette to our shop for a routine freshen up. From the billet block to the billet heads to the polished billet intake, his engine is truly a piece of art! He and his driver, Larry Wood, have been on a tear so far this season! Keep an eye out for these guys to be amongst the frontrunners in 10.5 this year!

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