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Joe Gauci Wins at the Sydney Jamboree

JoeGauci header

The Sydney Jamboree is a long running event that brings somewhere around 10,000 spectators together to witness some of the fastest sport compacts, bikes, and doorslammers in Australia. Joe Gauci, of ProFab Engineering and Dandy Engines, put on quite a show in the Modified 10.5 class.

Gauci's 370ci Ford Cortina with twin small frame Precision 70mm turbos did what it does best, run consistent numbers and stomp the competition! He qualified #2 with a 7.36@198mph and finished the weekend with a 7.38@198mph to take the win! Congrats to Gauci, Dandy Engines, ProFab Engineering, and everyone involved!

Joe Gauci

Photos thanks to Haylz @ Cacklingpipes
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John Carter's 2011 Outlaw 10.5 Corvette


There is a breath of fresh air coming from John Carter's garage in Maryland. A new Outlaw 10.5 Corvette is preparing to hit the track. Carter's 2011 Vette is powered by the PLR 670 and twin Precision Pro Mod 94mm turbos.

You may know John Carter from his Pro Line powered 2004 Outlaw Drag Radial Corvette with a very similar paint scheme. He is stepping into a whole new realm with 10.5, but we know that he has what it takes to be successful!

We are very excited to see Carter and his new ride in action this year!

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The Bump Box is Now Available on Our Site!

The "Bump Box", the latest product from Davis Technologies, is now available in our online store. This device allows the driver to simply "bump" the car into the second bulb during the staging procedure. It has become a staple among our customers' cars, because it allows for more consistent staging, allowing the driver to focus on cutting a good light. Click here for more information about the Bump Box click here!


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Troy Coughlin Prepares for the GatorNationals


With less than 24hours until the NHRA Gatornationals and the Pro Mod season opener, Troy Coughlin is feeling confident about his chances this year. With the recent addition of Steve Petty and Pro Line Racing to his team, Coughlin knows he has what it takes to be consistently fast! Coughlin will continue driving the twin turbo JEG's 1967 Camaro. He brought his engine to Pro Line Racing to make the necessary changes for his new combination.

After several test runs to half track at SGMP, Coughlin and Petty felt confident about making a full 1/4 mile pass. The result was an impressive 5.84@249mph!

We are very excited to see what the Jeg's Pro Mod is capable of this year! Best of luck to the whole JEG'S crew!

Make sure to check out this article from for more about their preparation for the Gatornationals.

jegs article
Photos courtesy of TeamJEGS.COM
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ORTC Lights Out 3 Coverage


We are live at the ORTC Lights Out 3 "Radial Rumble" at South Georgia Motorsports Park bringing you important updates as they arise.

During qualifying last night, DeWayne Mills busted out an impressive 4.38@177mph to take the #1 qualifier position.


Danny Lowry is representing with a 4.21@186mph to take the #2 spot in Outlaw 10.5!


Kevin Scott is laying it down on 275 tires, running a 4.67@155mph!


Kevin Fiscus just made history with a record setting pass. He drove the Fiscus/Klugger Racing Mustang to an incredible 4.323@185mph! What a great pass!!


Jere Etheridge's Mustang, driven by John Kolivas, set a new personal best with a very impressive 4.36@177mph!

Etheridge 4.36
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Todd Berry's Street Legal Mustang

It is a known fact that Todd Berry is a car enthusiast, so it was no surprise to us when he brought his newest street car to Pro Line Racing to make more power. His 2002 Mustang gets its power from a Pro Line Racing built 283ci 2 valve mod motor and twin 62mm Precision Turbochargers. From the outside this Stang looks pretty ordinary, but everything changes the second he presses the accelerator and you hear those turbos spool up.

During a recent trip to the dyno, Berry's Mustang was able to make 871RWHP and 763RWTQ at 35 lbs of boost, even with the tires spinning at the top end! There's much more in this one, so stay tuned for more updates!

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El General & Jeff Kyle Win at SCSN!

The Street Car Super Nationals is by far biggest outlaw drag race on the west coast, but some people consider it the biggest race of the year, period. It takes place every year at the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada, which makes it a difficult race for the east coast racer, because it is such a long drive.

Two teams running Pro Line Racing engines were present. One of the PSCA's newest Wild Street stars, Jeff Kyle, and the winners of the Shakedown at E'Town Pro Mod Blown class, the El General Racing team.

Kyle recently moved from his home in the Carolinas to California, and he has smoothly transitioned into the west coast drag racing scene! He has enjoyed a great deal of success in the short time he has been there. Kyle entered the Wild Street class with his small block, turbocharged 2000 Mustang!

Kyle started his dominance by qualifying #1 with a 7.61@189mph! On his way to the finals, he managed to set the low E.T. (7.59) and high MPH (189mph) for the event. In the final round of eliminations, Kyle faced Jeff Young and his '85 Camaro. Kyle took him on the tree, got ahead early, and never looked back as he went 7.61@181.67mph to Young's 9.13!

The El General Racing team made the long haul from Florida to Vegas with one objective, a $20,000 purse and even more bragging rights. The El General GTO entered the Pro Street class and is powered by the PLR 481X and twin Precision turbochargers.

With a 55 car field, the Pro Street class was filled with heavy hitters from organizations like: NHRA, ADRL, PSCA and many others from all over the US and Canada. During qualifying, El General made a great pass to go 5.95@254mph to take the #3 spot. This was a great sign for crew chief and tuner Steve Petty, because he knows how consistent this car is, once he figures the track out!

The GTO sailed through eliminations running mid 5.90's! They faced the #1 qualifier, Mike Maggio, in the final round. Maggio left the line with a small advantage, but by the 330ft mark, the GTO was blasting ahead as Maggio spun the tires! El General won with a 6.00@232mph!

It looks like there is another undefeated Pro Mod with Pro Line power!

We feel privileged to congratulate both teams for their hard work and dedication. You will remember victories like these forever!

Photos thanks to
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Pro Line Has Moved!


We are pleased to announce that we have recently moved to a new location in Ball Ground, GA. Our new facility is 24,000 sq/ft and will allow us room to expand our operation as we continue to serve our loyal customers.

Thank you for your continued support. We sincerely appreciate it.

Our new contact info is:

Pro Line Racing
475 Wilbanks Dr.
Ball Ground, GA 30107

Toll Free: 1-866-6PROLINE
Phone: 678-880-3000
Fax: 678-880-0359

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Leah Pruett Wins NHRA Finale


The 2011 NHRA Get Screened America Pro Mod Challenge came to a close last weekend at the Big O Tires NHRA Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada. Even with the season coming to an end and champions already crowned, the competition was as intense as ever!

The R2B2 Racing team came into this final race with every intention to continue their winning ways and bring home another Wally. Three R2B2 Pro Mods made the long haul from Atlanta to Las Vegas. Each of their cars are powered by our record setting PLR 481x turbo combination.

The current NHRA Pro Mod record holder and driver of the R2B2 '53 Corvette, Melanie Troxel, started the race in the #3 qualifying spot with a 5.89@253mph! She went 5.93@253mph to take out Clint Hairston in round 1 of eliminations. Round 2 faced Troxel against Donald Martin. She left the line with a slight advantage and never looked back, running a 5.90@253mph to Martin's 5.95@243mph! The third round set up a much anticipated rematch between Troxel and one of her teammates.

Coming off of a dominant performance at the O'Reilly Nationals in Charlotte, Leah Pruett, with the unbeaten R2B2 2010 Mustang, was ready to take on the world. Pruett started the race nicely by taking the #2 qualifier spot with a 5.85@252mph! First round spelled trouble for Pruett as she had some problems at the starting line, but Lady Luck was on her side as her opponent Joe Lepone Jr. left before the tree dropped allowing Pruett to coast for the win! Pruett defeated Pete Farber in the second round with a 5.92@249mph to Farber's 6.15.

The 3rd round of eliminations held the exciting rematch between Troxel and Pruett. The winner would move on to the final round to face Danny Rowe. Pruett made the first move off the line, Troxel started to catch up to her but ran out of room as they crossed the 1320ft line. Pruett barely took the holeshot win as both cars ran a 5.89 (only a .007 margin of victory)!

In the finals, Pruett and Danny Rowe would do battle for the final Wally of the year. Rowe beat Pruett off the line, but not by much(0.062 to 0.068). Rowe began to pull away early but Pruett finally caught up to him around the 1000ft mark and passed him for her second consecutive event win!

The R2B2 Race Cars 2010 Mustang is still UNDEFEATED (12-0) in eliminations and Pruett has once again proven that she is a major player in the NHRA! Congrats to Pruett(Driver), Roger Burgess(Owner), Steve Petty(Tuner), Justin Belfance(Crew Chief), and the rest of the R2B2 crew. What a great year for this team!

Photos thanks to Mark Rebilas
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El General and Larry Wood Win at E'Town!

The 9th annual Shakedown at E'Town brought together the best racers from the North and South to do battle for a big payout and bragging rights for the year! This year's Shakedown was completely different from the races in the past. The Outlaw 10.5 and Drag Radial classes switched from 1/4 mile to 1/8 mile, which led to some ultra-competitive racing on race day. Larry Wood, driver of the electric blue 2010 Outlaw 10.5 Corvette, came to the Shakedown looking to prove what this car can do! Owner of the car, Ron Schlessinger, had  a great deal of confidence after watching his car consistently break into the teens at our test session at MIR. The PLR 670ci engine, paired with twin Precision Pro Mod 94's, is certainly doing its job!

In qualifying, Wood made a great pass to take the spot as #3 qualifier with a 4.16@190mph! He followed that run with a 4.24@188mph in a first round bye. In the 2nd round, Wood faced Michael Martin. Wood went 4.23@188mph to Martin's 4.38@167mph.

In the semifinals, Wood matched up against the always dangerous Chuck Ulsch. This had the potential of being the race of the weekend, but as the light dropped, Ulsch's blower belt broke at the starting line. Wood, on the other hand ran a 4.19@188mph to move on to the next round!

The final round of eliminations had Wood against Rick Snavley. Wood blasted off a 4.21@188mph to secure the win! Wood and Schlessinger brought home a victory from the biggest 10.5 race of the year and we, here at Pro Line Racing, know that this is just the beginning for this racing team! Congrats to Larry, Ron, and their entire crew!


The Shakedown also offered the 1/4 mile Blown Pro Mod class. One of our newest Pro Mod customers made their turbo debut at this race. The "El General" racing team brought their orange GTO with a new power-plant under the hood. It is now powered by the PLR 481X with twin Precision Pro Mod 94mm turbochargers! 

El General started it off nicely by qualifying #4 with 5.96@230mph! He ran a 5.99@249mph in the first round of eliminations. Crew chief, Steve Petty, had the car running consistent 5 second passes and the future was looking bright!

He faced Dwayne Wolfe in the second round and went 5.96@246mph to Wolfe's 6.29@223mph! During the semifinals he faced Steve King. El General took the win, but slowed down due to a minor electrical problem.

In the final round he lined up against Timothy O'Hare and his supercharged Camaro. The El General team saved the best run for last. He went 5.93@252mph as O'Hare had to abort the run at half track.

The El General won their first race with their new Pro Line Racing 481X combination! We can't wait to see this car as they really begin to tap into it's potential! Congrats to the whole El General crew for this spectacular accomplishment!
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