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Lynchmob Racing Raises the Bar!

Just as they have done so many times in the past, Tim Lynch and Steve Petty have officially set the Outlaw 10.5 1/8th mile record! 

During the Pro Line Racing test session at MIR, they got the party started with an amazing 4.02@192mph, which would stand as the unofficial Outlaw 10.5 record, but Lynch and Petty needed to solidify this during competition! The Shakedown Nationals would  be the perfect event to record this milestone. The Lynchmob always goes to Englishtown with intentions to break records, and that's exactly what they did! Right off the trailer, Lynch ran a 4.02@192mph to officially set the 10.5 record.

We'd like to send out a big congrats to the Lynchmob Racing team; Tim, Steve, John, Kelly, and everyone else who has helped them along the way! 


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No Mercy 3 Highlights

no mercy 3 header

VALDOSTA (Sept. 30) – One of the biggest, most talked about races of the year took place last weekend at South Georgia Motorsports Park. This event is known as "No Mercy 3: A September to Remember", and is promoted by the one and only Donald "Duck" Long.

Pro Line Racing always has a strong presence at this race, because it is one of our home tracks and it is an excellent venue for ultra-competitive racing!

Keith Berry debuted his new Outlaw Drag Radial Corvette over the weekend and had great success despite the fact that his car hadn't even made a test pass prior to the race. Berry's BMF Vette has the looks of a show car and his PLR 468ci LS engine sounds so mean! While working out some of the new car kinks, Berry managed to belt off a 4.71@168mph to take the #27 spot. They needed more test hits so he bought a 6.50 index tech card and went 4.58@168mph! During the first round of eliminations, Berry ran a new personal best of 4.57@171mph, but lost on a holeshot in a very close race.

Here are some other notable PLR Drag Radial customers and their best runs of the weekend:

  • John Kolivas (PLR 632ci BBF in Jere Etheridge's Mustang) - 4.45@177mph
  • Josh Klugger (PLR 632ci BBF in the Fiscus/Klugger Mustang) - 4.47@180mph
  • Jason Etheridge (PLR 632ci BBF in his Silver Mustang) - 4.53@176mph
  • Kevin Cram (PLR 632ci BBC in his Black and Orange Camaro) - 4.62@168mph

Drag Radials weren't the only tires laying down some impressive numbers, Outlaw 10.5 proved to be one of the more popular classes among fans.

Jason Enos made the long trip down from Massachusetts with his PLR 670 powered 1967 Mustang. He and his crew are preparing for the Shakedown Nationals on October 12th-14th. During qualifying, Enos battled with Tim Lynch for the #1 spot running 4.24@185mph, 4.25@187mph, and 4.23@187mph. Enos ended up #2 after Lynch went 4.22@186mph. In eliminations, he set the low E.T. and high MPH with a 4.20@188mph and a 4.23@189mph! Unfortunately, in the 3rd round Enos went red with a -.001 light despite running a 4.21 to his opponent's 4.65. Enos went home satisfied with the fact that his car is ready for Englishtown!

No Mercy marked the second race since the Lynchmob Corvette made its return! Tim Lynch walked away with a huge victory at the YellowBullet Nationals a few weeks ago and looked to continue that momentum into this race. During qualifying, Lynch just barely earned the #1 spot with a 4.22@186mph! Eliminations were full of difficult challenges, but in typical Tim Lynch fashion, he made it look easy, running 4.24@186, 4.22@186, 4.23@185, 421.185, and 4.21@183. Like a bracket racer! The race ended around midnight an Lynch was crowned the Outlaw 10.5 champ! The next race on their schedule is the Shakedown Nationals at Old Bridge Township Raceway in Englishtown, NJ!

This was such an awesome race, it was nice seeing everybody at our t-shirt booth, we hope to see you at the Shakedown Nationals!

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Troy Coughlin Wins Big in St Louis

troy wins st louis 2012

ST. LOUIS (Sept. 30) – Every year Troy Coughlin buys a box of cigars in anticipation of winning a national event in the NHRA Pro Mod Series presented by ProCare Rx. After defeating Danny Rowe in the finals of the AAA Insurance for his first Pro Mod win since 2005, it was finally time to break the seal.

"We've been saving these babies for a while," Coughlin said as a broad smile came across his face. "I was hoping we'd pick up a couple more wins this year but it's not for a lack of effort.

"The win hasn't sunk in 100 percent yet. I do know we're pretty excited here."

Coughlin beat Rickie Smith, Leah Pruett and Pete Farber before crossing paths with Rowe in one of the most herky-jerky final rounds the class has seen in a while.

With the trophy on the line, Coughlin's turbo Chevy Camaro started up and rolled to with waterbox without issue. Rowe's car fired up, sounded all wrong and was shut off on the line. Ever the sportsman, Coughlin was willing to wait, but was instructed to move forward and do his burnout by an NHRA official.

"It's always a better show when you have two cars competing," Coughlin said. "We try to be good sportsmen and didn’t want anything for free. But when the NHRA was telling me to go ahead and start doing the burnout, I kind of had to follow their lead.

"Fortunately, (Rowe's team) fixed their problems pretty fast, so we were able to get a good race off after all."

When they finally lined up, there was a slight moment of anxiousness when it looked like the turbo didn’t want to stage. But it finally turned on both bulbs and took the green light cleanly.

"We were on the lucky end of the stick and made a great run," Coughlin said. "When I let the button go at the starting line in the final, I knew it was over when I didn’t see him, because those blower cars accelerate fast. From then on, I just focused on making a clean run.

"It was just our time to win, finally."

Coughlin got off the line first and sailed through to a pass of 5.873 seconds at 257.58 mph, his best lap of the weekend. Rowe sputtered at halftrack and finished in 6.732 seconds at 179.42 mph.

"My guys Steve Petty, Bryan Metzenheim, Mike Rees, Nick Gaylord and all the folks back at deserve all the credit," Coughlin said. "Pro Line, our engine shop, has given us a fantastic power all year. We beat a five-star team today."

The Camaro was firing straight and true all weekend. In the quarterfinals against Pruett, Coughlin was off the line first and won on a holeshot. His .032-second advantage paired with a pass of 5.922 seconds at 236.75 mph was enough to overcome Pruett's 5.912-second lap at 251.58 mph.

In the semis, Coughlin was off the line first again and rolled to a 5.930 at 252.99 mph, with Farber finishing with a 6.041 at 243.68 mph.

Coughlin said winning this Wally trophy ranks among his favorite moments in racing.

"It's right up there with the with $50,000 shootout in Bristol and the $50,000 Street Car Shootout at the Big Dog race," he said. "This is pretty cool stuff."

And the season is far from over for Coughlin. He moved into third place in the Pro Mod standings; one point behind second place and 42 points out of the lead.

"Going into the last race out in Vegas with this kind of momentum is important," he said. "There are still some spots up for grabs and everything is still pretty tight. Any time you can go to the end of an NHRA season and be in the running for a top three for four spot in your class, that's saying something."

The NHRA Pro Mod Series season concludes at the Big O Tires NHRA Nationals, Oct. 25-28, at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. 

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Robbie Clark's Twin Turbo C5

robbie clark C5 header

Last week we posted an article featuring Robbie Clark's PLR 427ci LS engine. This week, we wanted to give you an up-close and personal look at Clark's IRS Twin Turbo C5 build. The boys at Bell Chassisworks are hard at work right now getting Clark's convertible race ready! Along with his PLR 427ci LS engine, Clark decided to install twin 88mm Precision turbochargers to make upwards of 3000hp!

Please stay tuned for updates as this project gets closer to completion!

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Tim Lynch Wins Yellowbullet Nationals 2012


After almost a year of sitting, watching, and waiting, Tim Lynch and Steve Petty got their Outlaw 10.5 Corvette back together and on the track just in time for the 3rd Annual YellowBullet Nationals! With an Outlaw 10.5 field of 37 cars, this race has become a favorite for fans and racers alike. Lynch came into this race ready to take another win back to Team South.

With Steve Petty out of town at the NHRA US Nationals, tuning duties were assigned to Eric Dillard. They started the event off with a pass of 4.19@185mph to take the #4 qualifier spot! Lynch's path to the finals was loaded with tough competitors, such as Frank Pompilio, Anthony DiSomma, and Charlie Dolbin. He made his way to the finals where he faced the driver who held low E.T. of the event, Billy Gordon. As the tree dropped, Gordon cut a near perfect light with a .001, but had problems and had to let out as Lynch drove to an easy final victory.

Here is a breakdown of each round: 

#4 Qualifier .074 4.192 185.59
Rd1 Win vs. Frank Pompilio .056 4.179 187.00
Rd2 Win vs. Lou Sciortino .057 4.158 185.87
Rd3 Win vs. Anthony DiSomma .051 4.162 186.23
Rd4 Win vs. Charlie Dolbin .044 4.234 166.90
Finals Win vs. Billy Gordon .034 4.939 150.60

This turned out to be a great welcoming back race for the Lynchmob Racing Team as they start where they left off last year. Congrats to Tim, Eric, John, Kelly, and D.J.. And a BIG thanks to Steve and Robert Crisafulli for all of their help!!!

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Busato Sets Brazilian Pro Mod Record!


The drag strip at Velopark, in Nova Santa Rita, Brazil, was the site of Pro Line Racing powered Pro Mod action! Our friends in Brazil have been anticipating this race and invited Pro Line Racing's own, Eric Dillard to take on tuning duties.

The first task on their list was to set the new Brazilian Pro Mod record which stood at 7.451@182mph. Roderjan Bustato, owner and driver of the red 1968 Camaro, had a record setting weekend which started with a 6.34@232mph pass to take the record! Busato moved on to the next round and went 6.26@232mph.

On his final pass, Busato showed everyone there that his new PLR 481X powered Camaro is just getting started as he barreled down the track to a 6.17@250mph! This stands as the new Brazilian Pro Mod record! The crowd at this race went wild as the Camaro became the fastest doorslammer in Brazil! This was an awesome moment for these guys, and the crazy thing is, this is only the beginning. We all know what this combination is capable of! Congrats to Busato and the entire Busato Racing team!

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Keith Berry's 2002 ODR Corvette


Keith Berry's latest creation is still in the works and nearing completion, but it has come a long way from the record setting 2002 IRS ZO6 Corvette that we once knew. His car underwent numerous modifications to become the Outlaw Radial car that it is today! The BMF Motorsports Corvette will feature the PLR 468ci LS engine with twin 88mm turbos. Keep an eye out for Berry and his Corvette as he tries to become the fastest ever with an LS engine. 


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Pro Mods in Brazil


It is with great excitement that we announce the unveiling of two of the newest PLR 481X powered Turbo Pro Mods in Brazil! The cars consist of a red 1968 Camaro owned and driven by Roderjan Busato and a white 1969 Camaro owned and driven by Fabio Costa. Both cars are powered by the PLR 481X and twin Precision 94mm turbochargers. 

Pro Line Racing's own, Steve Petty and Eric Dillard, recenctly made a trip to São Paulo International Dragway in Brazil, to help get their cars ready for racing action. After a few test hits, they felt that they had reached a good stopping point and these cars are race-ready! The current record for Pro Mod in Brazil is in the 7.40's, which will probably be reset after their first couple passes! 

Both cars will run at the Brazilian Nationals drag racing events which will happen in Curitiba, Sao Paulo and Rio Grande Do Sul. We can't hardly wait to hear the results as this hard working team paves the way for Brazilian Pro Mod racing! Stay tuned to our website for more news!

For more images from Dillard and Petty's trip to Brazil, click here!

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Jose's Turbo Pro Extreme Camaro


Jose Gonzalez, winner of last year's Shakedown at E'town and Street Car Supernationals in Las Vegas, has one thing on his mind right now, taking turbocharged drag racing to the next level. Gonzalez purchased a brand new Jerry Bickel Race Cars built '69 Camaro to compete in ADRL's fastest class, Pro Extreme! The El General Racing team Camaro is powered by the PLR 481X engine paired with twin Precision turbochargers. Gonzalez will be racing as a team with fellow Pro Extreme racer Danny Lowry. Steve Petty will take on tuning duties with the Camaro and Lowry's PX Mustang.

With two PLR 481X powered cars in Pro Extreme, we can't wait to see what these machines are capable of!

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Troy Coughlin Races to Norwalk Pro Mod Final

troy coughlin header

NORWALK, Ohio (July 8) -- For the second time in the last three races, Troy Coughlin raced his twin-turbocharged Camaro to a runner-up finish in the NHRA Pro Mod Series presented by ProCare Rx.

Following a strong, second-place showing in Englishtown, N.J., last month, Coughlin returned to top form in his native Ohio this weekend, qualifying No. 1 and mowing down Mike Knowles, Donald Martin and Roger Burgess before bowing to Donnie Walsh in the money round at the NHRA Nationals in Norwalk.

"We've got a good race car," said Coughlin, a past NMCA world champion. "We started the weekend hoping to move up in the points and win some rounds, and we did that. With some of the issues we had with the car through qualifying, to put it on the pole after the last qualifying attempt in the heat was impressive. Then we turn around and have a great raceday. I couldn't be happier."

Coughlin and crew couldn’t get down the track Friday but jumped from out of the field to the top qualifying spot Saturday morning with an impressive 5.949 at 250.64 mph.

Temperatures cooled a bit overnight and everyone was quicker Sunday, including Coughlin, who posted two more 5.9s en route to the final round. With the trophy on the line, Coughlin's car simply overpowered the track and he could only watch as Walsh sped away for a 5.893-second, 251.95-mph win.

"We made some good consistent runs through eliminations and got into the final," Coughlin said. "It was a good race against Donnie, and we knew it was going to be a good race. We just tried to get after it a little bit too much. Between that and the race track starting to come down in temperature a skosh, we overdid it. 

"He'd been running .88, 89, and we'd been running .90, .91. Shoulda, woulda, coulda, but I agree with all the choices we made going into it. We made good runs, it just didn't turn out our way this time. But it will, it will someday. We get an A for effort."

The Pro Mod tour is off until Aug. 29-Sept. 3 when the 58th annual Mac Tools U.S. Nationals pres. by Lucas Oil roar to life in Indianapolis. 

"Our time is coming soon," said Coughlin, who moved up one spot to fifth Sunday. "This is a championship-caliber team with good backing from It's strong. We've got a great car and we've got another car coming that's probably going to be a little bit meaner than this one. We're going to work over the summer break on power and try to come out swinging in Indy."

Thanks to

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