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Mills and Biehle Win at NMCA Finals

Several of our customers have enjoyed this year's NMCA events, probably because they have offered the Drag Radial and Pro Mod teams a competitive venue to race all year!

The NMCA World Street Finals in Indy serves as the last NMCA race of the year. Champions are crowned and everyone swings for the fences to edge out the competition!

The Radial Wars class has proven to be one of the NMCA's most exciting new classes! The biggest names in Drag Radial have traveled all over the nation to prove that they have what it takes to bring home a Wally. This event was full of action from start to finish. Keith Berry locked down his Radial Wars points championship and almost won the event! In an all Proline-powered semi final round we saw Berry vs Steve Crisafulli and DeWayne Mills vs Josh Klugger! Berry laid down a new NMCA record 4.11@188mph to advance past Crisafulli(4.18@194mph) to the finals. Mills followed up with a 4.12@196mph to take out Klugger in the brand new FKR/Racecraft Mustang. In the finals, both Berry and Mills turned their cars up to 11 and we saw one of the closest races we've seen all year!

Berry left first with a slight advantage .027 to Mills' .042! Berry ran an impressive 4.11@187mph but it wasn't enough for Mills' 4.08@197mph! This race was won by a .01 margin of victory! Mills enjoyed the win and the new NMCA Radial Wars E.T. record. Berry walks away from this race as the Inaugural Radial Wars Champion!

As of now, the Radial tire racers have one more stop in their season, Holly Springs, and it should be an all-out attack of the records!

In NMCA Pro Mod action, Michael Biehle and his PLR 481X-powered Mustang had a successful outing! Not only did he run his quickest and fastest pass ever, a 5.85@252mph, he had his Mustang running like a bracket car! To show how consistent he was, he went 5.85 in qualifying, E1 - 5.87, E2 - 5.86, E3 - 5.87, and in the finals he went 5.89! We couldn't be more proud of Biehle and crew! He's only been to a few races this year and he is having great success with his combination!

All things considered, the NMCA has given our customers a reliable place to race, week in and week out. We would like to congratulate all of our racers for their achievements this year and look forward to their continued success!
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Canadians Dominate at the Shakedown

A couple of our Canadian friends made the trip to Summit Motorsports Park with plans for race domination!

Jim Bell, has had a successful year especially after his big win at the Street Car Super Nationals in St. Louis. He showed up to the Shakedown at the Summit event in Norwalk, OH with his fan-favorite twin-turbo '69 Pro Mod Camaro!

Despite the rain and strong winds, Bell and many other drivers discovered that the conditions made for some of the fastest drag racing we've seen in a while! Bell qualified at the #7 spot with a 4.02@198mph. He ran a exciting string of mid 3.80's and low 3.90's on his way to the finals where he faced Jeff Lutz. Bell blasted off to a 3.87@194mph to take hard fought win!

In Outlaw 10.5, Frank Pompilio and his beautiful 1967 Mustang took the class by storm with his new PLR 481X powerplant! Pompilio started off strong by taking the #5 qualifying spot with a 4.21@186mph! He fought his way to the finals going 4.19, 4.24, and a 4.14! In the finals, Pompilio lined up against Tom Basso where he went a 4.16@188mph to Basso's 4.30 to bring the championship home!

Congrats to both drivers and their hard working teams. This is a top tier race and we know that you will not soon forget this one!
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Coughlin Wins Charlotte and Top Qualifier at STL

ST. LOUIS (Sept. 27) – driver Troy Coughlin held the Wally trophy two weeks after the race was supposed to run, but the victory in the Powerrocks NHRA Pro Mod event was still sweet.

Coughlin scored his second win of the season Saturday, beating Mike Janis in the final round of the NHRA Carolina Nationals – a race completed during the AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals at Gateway Motorsports Park this weekend. 

"Winning this trophy for the Charlotte race is pretty special." Coughlin said. "I'm pretty fired up, pretty excited."

Coughlin, who won earlier in the year in Norwalk, Ohio, also closed the gap on the Pro Mod points leader Rickie Smith with the Charlotte win. Unofficially, Coughlin is 59 points behind Smith and four behind Janis. Only the St. Louis and Las Vegas races remained on the 2014 Pro Mod schedule.

"We're getting closer, we're inching up on Rickie's heels," Coughlin said. "We're chewing on Rickie's heels, as they say. He has done an awesome job this year, but we want to chase him down and make him earn it. Mike Janis, Steve Matusek, there are a handful of guys who have the opportunity to jump up and win this thing. I’m happy as heck to be one of them."

Coughlin's Charlotte win started there, when he beat Kevin Fiscus in the first round. The race was then postponed to Gateway, but Coughlin didn't slow down. He took out Donnie Walsh with a 5.845-second pass at 250.41 mph, beating Walsh's run of 5.905 seconds at 225.18 mph.

Coughlin's run also allowed him to snare the No. 1 qualifying spot for St. Louis. That's the second No. 1 of his Pro Mod career and first since Norwalk in 2012.

"It's exciting to get back on the other side of the fence, up on the pole there in front of everybody," Coughlin said. "We were able to pick up some points toward the latter part of the season, and we're going to make a run for the championship."

Coughlin picked up some more points with a semifinal win over Danny Rowe with a pass of 5.881 at 250.32 mph. Coughlin's .047-second reaction time was the difference, beating Rowe's quicker pass of 5.880 seconds at 246.80 mph.

In the final, Coughlin left first for the fourth time in Charlotte eliminations, getting the victory with a 5.937-second pass at 239.14 mph, while Janis slowed to a run of 9.438 seconds at 112.11 mph.

"We're not the fastest car out here," Coughlin said. "We're just trying to make good, competitive runs. Steve, Mike, Kyle and those guys are doing a fantastic job on this thing. They're giving us a race car that's been repeatable. We're not the fastest hot rod through all these laps, but it's the most consistent, and I know when I pull up to stage that they've given me a good hot rod. This Corvette is pretty mean.

"Thanks to the Powerrocks people, too. We'd like to thank them for sponsoring this race. We couldn't do it without the sponsors, that's for sure."

Powerrocks is part of a series of sponsors in the Pro Mod Series, joining Redhorse Performance, JE Pistons, Pro Line Racing, Larry Jeffers Race Cars and Precision Turbo & Engine is sponsoring the Gateway event.

- See more at:

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Making Doorslammer History at SCSN St Louis

The PSCA's Street Car Super Nationals in St Louis showcased one of the greatest matchups in doorslammer history! Frankie "The Mad Man" Taylor vs Turky "aka Scarface" of the Q80 Racing Team. Whether you're a fan of turbos cars or blower cars, at the end of this race you had a great deal of respect for both! 

Taylor started the party by running 5.55@260mph, Turky came back with a 5.53@270mph, Taylor followed with a 5.52@251mph! The Q80 Racing Team's crew made a few changes which sent their driver to a blistering 5.47@272mph! The final round of Outlaw Pro Mod put the two quickest doorslammers in the world head-to-head to see who would rise to the challenge and take the title of #1 in 1/4 mile doorslammer drag racing! As the light dropped, Turky had a slight advantage, but The Mad Man quickly got out in front. At about 1100 ft, Turky made his move past Taylor for the win. Final ET's were Taylor 5.47@263mph to Turky's 5.46@272mph!

All of us at Proline Racing will remember this race for years to come! It will stand out as one of those races that sets the bar for performances in the future. The lucky fans who made their way out to Gateway Motorsports Park surely got their money's worth!

We'd like to send a huge thank you to Sheik Duaij for giving us the opportunity to show the world what these turbocharged combinations are capable of! Congrats to the Q80 Racing Team: Turky, Adnon, Mohammed, Jassim, Steve, Brandon, and Pedro!

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DeWayne Mills Wins Big in Tulsa, Breaks Record

DeWayne "Big Daddy" Mills made a statement at the Throwdown in T'Town, a huge Drag Radial race at Tulsa Raceway! Mills with the help of his awesome crew was able to reclaim his title as the Quickest Man on Radials by going 4.08@194mph!

Mills is the driver of the Golden Gorilla Camaro which is powered by a PLR 481X and twin Precision turbochargers. Along with the E.T. record, Mills was unstoppable throughout eliminations. He brought home the win in the Radial vs. the World class!

At this point in the season, there are a bunch of exciting races coming soon and we look forward to seeing how the race to the 3.90's will play out! Congrats to DeWayne, Tim, Tara, Kallee, Jamie Miller and anyone else involved on this huge achievement!
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Paul Glandon's New 481X-Powered Camaro


Taking the Turbo Trip!

The phenom of turbo-charged cars continues to revolutionize Pro Mod class racing and that movement now includes a number of new Canadian racers who have emerged this season….

Paul Glandon, who is from Stoney Plain Alberta, is just one of the newest names to jump on that band wagon, joining the fold just recently.

During the IHRA’s Mopar Rocky Mountain Nationals earlier this month at Edmonton, Paul debuted a truly incredible new ’69 Camaro which was handcrafted in Canada expertly by Ryan Hinirchsen and his staff (RH Race Cars Kelowna BC).

Paul Glandon's new turbo charged Camaro features innovative Canadian content from RH Race Cars

For Glandon, who specializes in high-end and speciality concrete floor installations as his business, his race car matches that notion too – high end. After campaigning a nitrous-injected Chevy Cobalt for two seasons – Paul made the decision to upgrade his program based on both circumstance and desire and this Camaro is the end result.

“I actually hit the wall with my Cobalt during the 2010 season,” he revealed. “Then I got Ryan to make the repairs and he did such an excellent job on that I knew that if I ever was going to build a new car – he would be my choice. Over time I also knew I had taken my Cobalt to it’s limits – but I still wanted to go faster. Then I sold that car to a racer in Quebec. I had always wanted to go Pro Mod class racing and Ryan and I got talking about that and ended up charting a course for this car. From concept to reality it was about 1 year in the making. There is in fact about 250 extra hours in the cars construction. Ryan is an artist and he and staff (Tyson & Tony) did an amazing job. Simply put – this race car is pristine.”

Glandon-1 And Glandon for sure did not scrimp by any degree with the cars engine program either. Nestled between the frame rails is a state of the art Pro-Line Racing 481X motor outfitted with twin 88 mm turbochargers – a combination that is widely regarded within Pro Mod class racing as the most powerful and reliable currently available.

Paul took delivery of his race car just one week prior to the IHRA event at Edmonton and in fact rolled the tires for the very first time during that race.Glandon-1
“The plan now is for some more baby steps first,” Paul continued. “By year end I’d like to make three or four more appearances in the car and gear things up properly for 2015.”

Race fans can expect to see the car back in action at the highly anticipated JB’s Power Centre Rocky Mountain Shootout event over the coming Labour Day weekend at Castrol Raceway and to also be at Mission Raceway’s “Doorwarz” event.  In addition, Paul has set aim on attending the marquee PSCA Street Car Super Nationals event at Las Vegas in November.

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Keith Berry Wins NMCA Radial Wars Joliet

The NMRA/NMCA Superbowl in Joliet was full of excitement despite the wet conditions, and the NMCA Radial Wars class continued it's success!

Keith Berry brought home his second Wally at this race! He won on a holeshot against Mark Woodruff in a battle of Proline-powered Corvettes! Berry ran a string of low 4.30's to mid 4.20's on his way to victory.

Woodruff reset the Radial Wars ET record with a 4.16@188mph! He ran consistent 4.teens throughout the heat of the weekend.

With 3 NMCA Radial Wars events completed, we saw an all-Proline final at all 3 events! We are thrilled to see our customers having this level of success and can't wait to see how this season unfolds!

Photo thanks to Emilee's Race For A Cure FB Page

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Troy Coughlin Wins Big in Norwalk

NORWALK, Ohio (July 6) – driver Troy Coughlin capped off a stellar weekend for the famed Coughlin family with a thrilling victory in the NHRA Pro Mod Drag Racing Series event Sunday presented by Mid Atlantic Energy Service.

Coughlin's win, his first of the season, came not long after brother Mike won in Top Sportsman.

"Any time one of us wins, it is sweet," Coughlin said. "I was standing down at the finish line when Mikey's win light came on. I'm like, 'Wow!' I was jumping up and down ecstatic. I couldn't wait to get up here and have our crack at it, too."

Troy Coughlin earned the victory with a holeshot over Von Smith in the final round. Coughlin ripped off a .018-second reaction time, getting a .107-second advantage on the starting line.

Coughlin's pass of 5.940 seconds at 250.92 mph was then more than enough to hold off Smith's run of 5.920 at 243.99 mph

"Von is fast," Coughlin said. "He was faster than us and was driving a little bit better, so we knew we had to dig deep and get it tuned up a little bit. The track looked like it was going to take it. I was backing up from the burnout, and I said, 'Let's try and leave with him because I know we can run with him.'

"When I put it in the second stage light, it was a little deep into it, so it probably killed another three-hundredths. But we had a good hot rod today, no doubt."

Coughlin, the No. 6 qualifier, earned a holeshot win over Eric Latino in the first round Saturday before taking out Mike Janis in the second round Sunday. Coughlin's run of 5.950 at 249.63 mph easily out-distanced Janis' slowing pass of 6.599 seconds at 167.84 mph.

That put him up against Rickie Smith in the semifinals in a matchup of the two most recent Pro Mod champs. Coughlin left first again, with a .045 light, and he outran Smith with a lap of 5.940 at 250.32 mph, beating Smith's 5.946-second run at 245.94 mph.

Smith had lane choice in the final, Coughlin and his team, led by crew chief Steve Petty, were up to the task.

"Steve has done an awesome job on this thing all weekend," Coughlin said. "He's been keeping it consistent, keeping it fast, keeping it from having problems. He and Brian (Metzenhiem) and Kyle (Pettis) and Mike (Rees) were perfect. It was just a perfect weekend for us."

And it came in his home state of Ohio, not far from JEGS headquarters in Delaware, Ohio.

"We've got a ton of people up here from, and a lot of friends," Coughlin said. "My wife Julie's family is from Cleveland. It'll be a big party tonight. Doubling up with Mike, wow, what a weekend."

- See more at: 
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Updates from ATCO, NMCA West, and PSCA

If you attended or tuned into a drag race last weekend you probably saw a Proline powered car in the finals!

Atco Dragway


Joe Copson's PLR-powered Outlaw 10.5 Camaro has been running near the top of the pack all year. With the help of his driver, TJ Kasper, Copson's car qualified at #2 and made it all the way to finals to face Steve Woolley, another PLR engine customer. In the finals, Kasper went 4.23@194mph to Woolley's 4.28@182mph to take the win! What an exciting win for Copson and crew!

NMCA West Fontana


On the other side of the country, Andrew Berry and crew made it to the finals in Pro Mod action.

PSCA Rocky Mountain Summer Series

10392301 650893288322014 3409655198362344318 n

Mike Keenan brought home a big win in XDR/TTF at Bandimere Dragway! His new 2002 Camaro is powered by the tried and true PLR 481X. He qualified #1 and made to the finals where he went 4.67@169.89mph to take the victory!

Photos thanks to: ATCO Dragway, NMCADigital, and PSCA's Facebook
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Steve Gorman Wins at Cecil County

After a dominant performance at MIR Door Wars, Steve Gorman and his PLR 481X-powered Mustang went to Cecil County Dragway for a little Outlaw 10.5 action!

Gorman and crew worked hard to edge out the competition throughout eliminations. In round 2, he ran a 4.17@194mph against Mo Hall who ran a 4.19@174mph! He made to the finals where he faced TJ Kasper, driving the in Joe Copson owned PLR-powered Camaro! Both cars had trouble getting traction off the line, but Gorman was able to get back in it and take the win! That makes his win record 2-0 so far this year!

Congrats to Steve and his awesome crew!

Photos thanks to
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