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Lights Out V Results

Despite being cancelled by rain, Lights Out V at South Georgia Motorsports Park was packed full of hardcore racing action! We were lucky enough to be there to witness the excitement.

In Outlaw 275, long-time PLR racing team, Kevin Scott and Danny Hough, had a very successful out. Their 1965 Chevy II Nova with a twin turbo PLR SBC ran better than it ever has. They qualified #7 with a new personal best, 4.52@158mph and followed up with a stellar 165mph run on that little 275 tire. Scott made it to the 2nd round of eliminations but the rain put an end to the race. Congrats to Scott and Hough on their new achievements! It's great to see them out there!

The class that most of the record breaking crowd came to see was Radial vs the World, and for good reason. These cars are the quickest and fastest race cars on radial tires and several of our engine customers race in this ultra-competitive class. In fact, four drivers out of the top 10 qualifiers ran a Proline engine!

J.R. Gibson, driver out of Michigan, qualified at #25 with a 4.51@175mph and went on to a 1st round holeshot victory against Mel Nelson!

Rob Valden, driver of Andrew Alepa's PLR 481X-powered Mustang, took the #10 spot with a 4.33@181mph. They turned the power up in round 1 of eliminations, going 4.30@188mph!

The Crisafulli brothers came down from Maryland to try their luck on a radial tire. Steve Crisafulli drove the PLR 670-powered Corvette to the #6 qualifying spot with a 4.24@190mph, and went 422@190mph in an E1 victory over Dennis Bailey! This was only the second time out on radials!

Keith Berry and the Woooo Crew held the #4 spot, running a 4.21@181mph in the crowd favorite BMF Corvette!

"Big Daddy" DeWayne Mills and crew made the long trip from Oklahoma to take a crack at the Radial vs the World class. Mills went a new personal best, 4.17@190mph to take the #2 qualifying position! In the 1st and only round of eliminations, Mills went 4.18@190mph!

In short, the only true winner of this race was the rain. On the bright side, fans got a chance to see the fastest cars on radials lay everything ion the line. We wish we could have seen the finish, with Crisafulli, Valden, and Mills making huge progress with every pass, we were bound to see new records broken. Well, there's always the September race at SGMP!

For all of our video highlights click here!

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Q80 Racing Team - First Turbo Car to the 3.50's

image 2
When the Q80 Racing team, led by team owner Sheikh Duaij Fahad Al-Sabah, tuner Steve Petty, and driver Eric Dillard of Proline Racing, pulled the wraps off their brand new twin-turbo Camaro last month, the world knew it was a matter of when, not if, the records began to fall. And after recording the first ever 3.6-second pass by a turbocharged doorslammer back in mid-December, another barrier dropped by the wayside today when Dillard blasted his way to a 3.59 at 216 MPH in Qatar, becoming the first and only non-supercharged door car to reach the 3.50’s.

The incredible number came today during testing at the Qatar Racing Club ahead of this week’s fourth round of the Arabian Drag Racing League season, in which Dillard currently sits second in the Pro Extreme standings after a pair of final round appearances at the season’s opening races. Having carded a 3.68 here in the states last month while shaking the new car down, the team departed for Qatar vowing to push their way into the fifties, and few doubted it could be done considering the equipment and the talent involved.

Petty and company steadily crept toward that mission, running 3.67 upon their arrival to push the world record even lower, later inching into the mid-3.60’s before clicking off a 3.62 and, most recently, a 3.60 that placed them on the brink of history. After an off-week, the team returned to the Qatar Racing Club and got it done, carding a .947 short time, 2.449 to half track, and a 3.592 at 216.62 MPH at the eighth-mile, reaching a performance level many couldn’t have imagined just a few short years ago and joining a club previously reserved for the sport’s elite screw-blown Pro Extreme doorslammers. 

The Camaro, built by Jerry Bickel Race Cars and motivated by a Proline-prepped 481X big block powerplant with twin Precision turbos, is still in its infancy, and the sky would appear the limit for this team as they continent make laps. Is that 3.40’s we hear?

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Crisafulli Blasts Into Drag Radial

Do you remember this car? This was John Carter's PLR 670-powered Outlaw 10.5 Corvette. Now, this is the Crisafulli Brothers new Outlaw Drag Radial Covette. Slapping on radial tires and removing the wheelie bars from Outlaw 10.5 cars seems to be a normal practice these days, and in many cases, an effective way to jump into the Outlaw Radial ranks. Either way, the Crisafulli Brothers have a badass ride for sure!

They brought the Vette down to the U.S. Street Nationals in Bradenton to see what their machine was capable of, and they were not let down! Steve Crisafulli ran a 4.33@191mph to take the #1 qualifier spot, low E.T. of the event, and high MPH of the event! He made it all the way to the semifinals where he lost in an extremely close, side-by-side race against Frank Menshaw (4.436 to a 4.437!)

This weekend should be seen as a major victory for this team. They took a new combination and ran a 4.33 off the trailer. It is safe to say that there is a lot left in this one!
Photo thanks to 
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Fiscus Wins US Street Nationals

The 2014 US Street Nationals at Bradenton Motorsports Park  usually serves as the kickoff to the new year of drag racing. With a Drag Radial victory in last year's race, Kevin Fiscus was ready to compete for Pro Mod bragging rights!

Fiscus , driver of the Fiscus/Klugger Racing Pro Mod Mustang, has already made big waves in the Pro Mod world. That being said, he was looking for a victory against some of the fastest Pro Mod racers in the world.

He qualified #7 with a 3.94@199mph! On his way to the finals, Fiscus laid down some of his best passes ever, including a 3.91@200mph to advance to the second round and a 3.89@197mph in a broke bye run. In the semis, he unleashed a huge holeshot victory going 3.85@200mph to Chris Rini's 3.84@192mph.

In the finals, Fiscus faced Todd Tutterow in a Turbo vs. Blower showdown for the championship! Fiscus saved the best pass for last, going 3.851 to Tutterow's 3.856! What a drag race! They proved that there is a turbo Pro Mod team from Florida that should not be taken lightly. We will be watching Fiscus/Klugger Racing very closely as they continue to tear up the Pro Modified ranks!

Congrats to Kevin, Josh and the whole crew!

Photo thanks to Bryan Epps

Video thanks to Free Life Films
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Q80 Camaro - First Turbo Car to the 3.60's

BRADENTON, FL (December 17th, 2013) – Here it is!!! The Q80 Racing Team Turbo Pro Extreme Camaro just clicked off a 3.68@206.42mph! That would make this the quickest turbo doorslammer pass ever made! Keep in mind, this is their first test session with the new car! Powered by a Pro Line Racing 481X engine with twin Precision turbochargers.

Congrats to Q80 Racing, Steve Petty, Eric Dillard and our awesome crew! This is just the beginning!!

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Q80 Racing Unveils Turbo Pro Extreme Camaro

Our boys in Kuwait, the Q80 Racing Team, have been busy as of late! They have added another race car to their stable, and this one is truely a beast! Say hello to the Q80 Pro Extreme Turbo Camaro, built by Jerry Bickel Race Cars and powered by a Pro Line Racing 481X with twin Precision turbochargers! The Camaro is getting wired now and is scheduled to go to Qatar at the start of their racing season.

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Coughlin, Kyle Victorious at SCSN!

scsn 2013
Every year, the Street Car Supernationals serves as the end of our racing season, and every year this 1/4 mile slugfest gets more exciting! This year, Pro Line Racing customers included: Troy Coughlin and El General Racing in the Outlaw Pro Mod class, Jim Bell in Legal Pro Mod, and Jeff Kyle, Mike Keenan, and Roger Holder in Xtreme Drag Radial.

In the annual Thursday night Daystar Products Dash for Cash, Eric Dillard, backup driver of EL Genereal Racing Team's Pro Extreme Camaro, went 5.70@260mph to claim bragging rights for yet another year for El General Racing.

Xtreme Drag Radial / True Ten Five

After 5 rounds of qualifying, the top 3 qualifiers were Roger Holder, Jeff Kyle and Mike Keenan respectively. Holder had a memorable outing in his XDR Camaro. He recently switched his powerplant to a PLR Big Block Chevy. Holder qualified #1 with a 6.59@230mph. On his way to the finals, he went 6.57, 6.56, and a personal best 6.55@231mph In the final round he would meet #3 qualifier and fellow PLR customer, Jeff Kyle! After waiting patiently for Holder to get his car to fire, Kyle was signaled to make a bye run when it was clear that he wouldn't make the call. Kyle took the victory and both ran new personal bests! 2014 will be an interesting year in XDR!

Legal Pro Modified

Jim Bell, Pro Mod racer out of Edmonton, Alberta, brought his immaculate Mustang to Vegas to try his luck in the Legal Pro Mod class. Bell has had a busy year of drag racing, and the Street Car Supernationals seemed to be a fitting end to the season.

Bell qualified #3 with an impressive 5.97@243mph! After running a string of 5.90's, he found himself in the 2nd round of eliminations. Bell made a quick move to the left, taking him out of the groove. He made a hard move and saved his car from hitting the wall! Unfortunately, his weekend was over, but on the bright side, his car was running with bracket car consistency! It has been an awesome year of racing with Bell and his crew. We look forward to the 2014 race season!

Outlaw Pro Mod

Running Outlaw Pro Mod, with Dillard in the El General Camaro, was Troy Coughlin in the Turbo Pro Mod Corvette. Just coming of yet another victory at NHRA Las Vegas, Coughlin was ready to press his luck in the Outlaw class! Dillard qualified #2 with a 5.72@261mph and Coughlin took the #3 spot with a 5.73@257mph! A string of low 5.70 runs and round wins from both teams led to the quickest and fastest doorslammer race in history! Dillard and Coughlin stage against each other, Dillard got ahead early, but Coughlin had just enough to edge by and take the win! Coughlin's 5.72@259mph to Dillard's 5.75@259mph! What a race!

In the final round, Coughlin had to face #1 qualifier John Stanley. Both cars slowed a bit in this race, but Coughlin had the upper hand. He ran a 5.91 to Stanley's 6.46 to bring home yet another Las Vegas victory! Winning this race solidified the fact that he will not be defeated in Vegas!

We'd like to congratulate Troy Coughlin and Jeff Kyle and their respective crews on this well deserved victory! We are so proud to be a part of each of our customers racing programs and hope to continue these relationships in the future!

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Fiscus Wins World Street Nationals

Last weekend's Orlando World Street Nationals proved to be a successful comeback for the long running event. The track seemed better than ever with numbers to back it up!

Kevin Fiscus, of Fiscus/Klugger Racing, brought their Pro Mod Mustang to Orlando looking for a win in the Super Pro Street class. His PLR 481X powered machine has had a big year and nothing would be sweeter than ending the race season with a victory!

Fiscus qualified #2 with a 6.00@246mph! He had a bye run in the semi finals and reset both ends of the track record with a 5.932@251.34mph. He went on to win the race in final round against George Williams. 

Congrats to Kevin and the whole Fiscus/Klugger Racing team!

Photos thanks to
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Klugger Successful in Pro Mod Debut


Josh Klugger, of Fiscus/Klugger Racing, made his Pro Mod debut at the Outlaw Drag Racing Championship in Bradenton, FL. With Klugger taking driver duties and Kevin Fiscus calling the shots, this car should fly! In his first pass behind the wheel of a Pro Mod, he went 4.00@197mph! Not too shabby!

Klugger qualified #3 with a 4.00@195mph. Fiscus added some power in the first round of eliminations, sending Klugger to his low E.T. with a 3.98@195.99mph pass! Klugger made it all the way to the semifinals where his 4.00@197mph wasn't quite enough to take down #2 qualifier Chris Patrick's 3.95. However, Klugger walks away from this race with loads Pro Mod driving experience and high MPH of the event! We look forward to seeing the Fiscus/Klugger Racing team on the track soon!

Congrats to Josh and Kevin on an overall successful weekend!

Photo thanks to

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PLR Domination at Fall Brawl

If you had the pleasure of attending the 2nd Annual Fall Brawl at Holly Springs Motorsports, then you witnessed some of the biggest names in Outlaw Drag Radial battling for end of the season bragging rights! As usual, the track surface was perfect for the radial cars, and the cooler weather gave us ideal conditions for breaking records! 

Dewayne Mills, racer out of Oklahoma, traveled to Holly Springs with his immaculate '68 Camaro which is powered by the PLR 481X and twin Precision turbos. Mills qualified #3 with a 4.28@190mph! He laid down some impressive runs on his way to the semifinals. His best pass of the weekend came in the 3rd round of eliminations when he ran a 4.27@188mph! Mills and crew are die hard competitors and we can't wait to see them racing again!

Texas racer, Rob Valden, came down to Holly Springs to drive Andrew Alepa's ODR Mustang. This would count as only the second race this car has been to, but with the PLR 481X under the hood of a quality race car, they are sure to be competitive! Valden ran a 4.29@185mph to qualify #5 in a very close ODR field. In eliminations, Valden showed off his driving skills! In a round 3 matchup against the NMCA champion Mark Micke, Valden took a crazy holeshot victory, a 4.30@183mph to Micke's 4.24@190mph! Valden moved into the semifinals where he would face another PLR customer in what felt like the final race of the night!

Last but certainly not least, Georgia racer out of BMF Motorsports Keith Berry, brought the black Corvette to Hollly Springs with two objectives: bring home a 2nd consectutive win at Holly, and continue his quest to become the quickest radial racer in the world. This would not be an easy task, but hard work and dedication pays off! In qualifying, Berry started pecking away at the record, which stood at 4.208. His PLR Billet LSX Mozez, has performed in the past and this weekend it would really be tested. In three rounds he went: 4.29, 4.24, and 4.21! It wasn't until round 1 of eliminations that Berry put himself in the record books, running a 4.206@176.47mph! But, he wanted more! Berry belted off a 4.193@185.49mph, resetting the record and making him the first official Drag Radial racer to the teens!

Berry would need to keep up this momentum as he would face Valden in the semifinals! This would stand as the closest race of the night. Once again Valden would not be beaten on the tree, Berry went 4.21@190mph to Valden's 4.25@186mph! Margin of Victory: .0077sec, which comes out to 2 feet and 1 inch!

Berry moved on to the finals defeating Bruce Johnson with a 4.23@182mph to bring home the the victory!

This race will forever stick out in our memories as one of the greatest ODR events. With 3 PLR cars in the semifinals, an event win, and a new world record how can you blame us? We'd like to congratulate everyone involved, hardcore racers and crews are the reason why the sport continues to get better every year.
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