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Now Hiring Experienced Machinist


Pro Line Racing is currently looking to hire a highly qualified engine machinist. We have a full line of Sunnen equipment and are looking for someone who can handle all facets of racing engine preparation including, but not limited to:

  • Operate a manual mill & lathe
  • Bore & hone
  • Align hone
  • Surfacing
  • Balancing
  • Cylinder head machine work & assembly
  • Mig/Tig welding & fabrication   (Not required but recommended)

Other Requirements:

  • Previous work experience at a reputable machine shop or applicants with schooling such as S.A.M. or U.T.I. will be considered as well.
  • Extremely motivated
  • Work well in a team environment
  • Problem solving skills. Able to identify problems and create solutions
  • Very efficient, organized and can handle a fast pace
  • Basic computer skills

Resume with references required. Pay will be based on experience and qualifications.
If interested, please click here to contact us through our website.

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Michael Biehle Wins at NMCA ATL


Michael Biehle took a big win in NMCA Pro Mod in Atlanta. Along the way, he added #1 qualifier, low E.T., and top speed of the event! He's off to a great start this year!

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Biehle Wins NMCA Bradenton 2015


Video from Michael Biehle's NMCA Pro Mod win last weekend.

Posted by Pro Line Racing on Tuesday, March 24, 2015
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Team Jegs Pro Mods at NHRA Gatornationals

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (March 15) -- The Pro Mod team of Troy Coughlin Sr. and son Troy Coughlin Jr. (T.J.) came up one round short of an all-yellow-and-black final round in the NHRA J&A Service Pro Mod Series race presented by the Real Pro Mod Association/Jerry Bickel Race Cars contested at the Amalie Motor Oil NHRA Gatornationals at Auto-Plus Raceway.

Both Corvettes experienced rare failures in their second-round victories, creating a full-on thrash before the semifinals. Troy Sr.'s new Corvette C7 made it to the staging lanes just in time, but after getting a .024-second edge on the Christmas Tree with a .023 light, his pass of 6.196 seconds at 237.84 mph couldn't hold off Bob Rahaim's 5.996 at 243.72 mph.

But T.J.'s Corvette wouldn't move after he put it in gear to do a burnout, giving Pete Farber an easy win.

Still, having both cars reach the semifinals means T.J. leaves Gainesville third in the Pro Mod points standings with Troy Sr. fourth.

"That's the best Gainesville we've ever had," Troy Sr. said. "We're leaving here with T.J. in third and myself in fourth. We've got a new car with seven runs on it, and we'll just go pick on it a little more. T.J.'s car, that thing is a weapon."

T.J. made his professional debut in Gainesville and performed well, qualifying No. 2 and getting two round-wins. He got a second-round win Sunday on a red-light by Billy Glidden, but the transmission and rear end broke during the run.

Troy Sr.'s car had the same fate in beating Mike Janis in the second round (6.162 at 249.26 mph to 8.745 at 116.93), taxing the team as it prepared to get both cars ready for the semifinals.

"The whole team -- (crew chief) Steve Petty, Justin Beaver, Kyle Pettis, Mike Rees -- worked really hard, and my Uncle Mike jumped in with his guys -- Greg Cody and Tony Collier," T.J. said. "Everyone had their hands on deck, and they did a fantastic job. To get them working like they did is impressive. I can't do it without these guys. I would have zero chances without them."

The team even got some help from Pro Mod drivers Danny Rowe and Steve Matusek.

"I see these hands coming that I've never seen before, and they're putting the doors on," Troy Sr. said. "I look back, and it's Steve Matusek. I'm like, 'Thanks, Steve.'

"We're blessed with a lot of friends, and this is a tight-knit group of racers. We would do anything for each other in a pinch.

"We've very seldom ever broke stuff. We just happened to break a transmission, rear end, and converter in both cars. We're equipped with the parts, but we never dreamed we had the issue with two cars. We'll reorganize a little bit and come back out swinging in Houston."

T.J., too, vowed to improve on his first pro weekend.

"You have to adapt," T.J. said. "You have no option in elimination rounds, so you have to be on point in every direction. I felt like I was lacking a little bit on the Christmas Tree the first two rounds. I feel like I'm getting it but I'm not. I need to go out and hit the Christmas Tree some more, watch more runs on the camera, and make some improvements.

"But all in all, the experience is a rush. It's a lot of fun. It's a different pace."

- See more at:
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Keith Berry Wins US Street Nationals

Keith Berry and the Woooo! Nation initiated this year's racing campaign which he calls the 2015 Championship Tour! To kickoff his season, Berry headed to the US Street Nationals at Bradenton Motorsports Park. He is no stranger to Bradenton, about a month ago he went 3.97 during a test session there.  His 2002 Corvette is powered by a 454ci PLR LS engine paired with the FuelTech FT500 EFI System. 

Berry set the bar high for the other Drag Radial racers with a stout 4.04@189mph, which held on to the #1 qualifying position! His path to the final round would not be a cakewalk though, he had to get past Keith Neal, Rob Thornton, and eventually David DeMarco. His semifinal matchup with Rob Thornton was the highlight of the weekend! Thornton went 4.04 to Berry's 4.07, but Berry's .040 advantage off the line gave him enough to move on to the finals!

In the final round of eliminations, he faced David DeMarco in the Buick Regal. Berry and crew went out there and ran a 4.06@191mph to Dave's 4.12@184 and took home the big win!

We are very proud to be a part of the Woooo! crew and can't wait to see wat he can do this season. The 2015 Championship Tour has officially begun!
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PLR 2014 Year in Review

2014 was a huge year for our customers. Some of them debuted new race cars and engine combinations, some set world records and personal bests, and some won championships! Here are some that come to mind...

Earlier this year, Jim Bell debuted his new JBRC Camaro for competition in NHRA, PDRA, and other Pro Mod races. Bell's new Pro Mod was instantly a fan favorite and a success on the track. He went on to win Legal Pro Mod at the Street Car Super Nationals race in St. Louis and Shakedown at the Summit. Bell has big plans for 2015, he will be teaming up with fellow Pro Mod driver, Kevin Fiscus. Bell will drive the Camaro and Fiscus will drive Jim's Mustang which is undergoing repairs and an engine swap!


Another member of team Proline Canada, Frank Pompilio, unveiled a new PLR 481X powerplant in his 65' Outlaw 10.5 Mustang! They went on to win the Outlaw 10.5 class at the Shakedown at Norwalk.


The Moits Racing team, out of Australia, certainly made made a statement with their brand new TMRC Outlaw Pro Mod Mustang! Paul Mouhayet drove the PLR 481X-powered Mustang to a new Pro Boost world record at the PDRA Martin race, and the doorslammer MPH record (273mph) at the Street Car SuperNationals in Las Vegas!


X275 racer, Shawn Ayers, completely overhauled his old combination and went with the new PLR X275 LS engine with the new FuelTech FT500 EFI System. Ayers and crew finished the season strong by running a 4.47/160mph and a runner-up performance at the Huntsville Radial Fest!

The FuelTech FT500 was also installed on Larry Larson's S10 built for Drag Week! HOT ROD Drag Week is the event where quarter-mile racers compete in time trials at four different drag strips five times in five days, driving their competition vehicles on public highways from track to track without the assistance of a support vehicle. Larson didn't win drag week, but he completely annihilated the world record which was in the 6.40's to the 1/4 mile. Running a 6.16/219mph on the last day of drag week was shocking, but witnessing Larson and crew going 5.95/244mph was EPIC! He will always be the first to the 5's

"Big Daddy" DeWayne Mills , driver of the Golden Gorilla drag radial Camaro had a great year! Mills won NMCA Radial Wars races in St Louis, Norwalk, and Indy! He set the NMCA Radial Wars world record for ET (4.088) and MPH (197.51) He and his hard working crew also had a big victory at the Throwdown at T'Town.

Early this year the Q80 Racing Team debuted their brand new JBRC Pro Extreme Camaro. With help from the PLR 481X and Precision Turbo's Gen2 98's, this car was the first turbo car to the 3.60's and the 3.50's! Turky Al Zafiri piloted the Q80 Camaro to the doorslammer 1/4 mile record at St Louis, running 5.46/272mph. He went on to take the Outlaw Pro Mod win there and at SCSN Las Vegas. Keep an eye out for the Q80 Racing Team as they plan to unveil their new Racecraft-built Super Street Mustang for competition in the Arabian Drag Racing League in Qatar in January of 2015!

The El General Racing Team quickly set the 1/8th mile turbo doorslammer E.T. and MPH records earlier this year. At PDRA Rockingham, they went 3.56/221.05mph! El General also had a very strong showing at the Street Car Supernationals in Las Vegas, taking the runner-up spot in Outlaw Pro Mod running 5.50's to the 1/4 mile!

Troy Coughlin had another successful NHRA Pro Mod season in 2014. After winning big at Norwalk, Coughlin took a victory in Charlotte and qualified #1 in St Louis. He and the crew finished 2nd in the NHRA Pro Mod standings at the end of the season. Steve Petty won the 2014 Crew Chief of the Year award at the awards ceremony.


In Outlaw 10.5 action, Steve Gorman stamped himself into the history books by winning the Mickey Thompson Outlaw 10.5 Championship! Winning races at MIR, E'Town, Cecil County, and ATCO helped Gorman and crew achieve championship status!

Keith Berry's Radial Corvette had the new FuelTech FT500 on-board this season. Berry and Woooo! Nation had a lot to be proud of this year! Berry won big in Atlanta and Joliet, which eventually led to an NMCA Radial Wars Championship! After we witnessed him run a 3.97 during a test session in Bradenton, we'd guess that Keith has the potential to win it again!

That's not every one of our customers and their achievements for the year, but it's a long list and we have a great deal of pride for our racers. We feel lucky to be a part of their programs and look forward to 2015. New Year = new records and new achievements.
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Q80 and Holder Win Big in Vegas

This year's Street Car Supernationals in Las Vegas featured more of our customers than ever before! Across 3 classes of heads-up 1/4 mile racing, our customers accounted for 2 winners, 2 runner-ups, 2 #1 qualifiers, and 3 world records!

Roger Holder completely dominated the Pro Drag Radial class in his orange Camaro! Holder and crew shocked the crowd with an almost effortless looking 6.27@240mph (which shattered the radial tire 1/4 mile record!) Eventually, they took the #1 qualifying spot with a 6.13@243mph! On his way to victory, he ran a new personal best and the new Drag Radial 1/4mile record, 6.12@244mph!

Larry Larson made history in his Drag Week S10. He set the new Street Legal E.T. and MPH record with a 5.95@244mph! All of that hard work certainly paid off!

Michael Biehle and Paul Glandon both came away with holeshot wins in E1 of the Legal Pro Mod class! Glandon made it all the was to the semifinals in his new Camaro, going 5.90@247mph along the way. Biehle ran some of the best numbers we've seen all year! He ran a 5.90@251mph on a huge holeshot win in E1, a new personal best 5.82@253mph in E2, and a 5.86 in E3. He went on to runner up the event!

Outlaw Pro Mod saw 2 of our customers reach 270+ MPH! Paul Mouhayet, driver of the Moits Mustang, ran a new personal best with a 5.63@273mph which will stand as the fastest doorslammer pass in the world! Turky Al Zafiri of the Q80 Racing team and Eric Dillard with El General Racing Team qualified #1 and #2 repectively. Turky and Dillard ran a string of mid 5.50's to make it the finals where the Q80 Racing Team took the win!

We always love traveling west for this race, it is an opportunity to race with the most talented racers on the other side of the country! Congrats to all involved in this monumental event, we can't wait until next year!

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Fiscus and Klugger Dominate at WSN


The Orlando World Street Nationals was the stage for Fiscus/Klugger Racing's all-out assault of the Pro Mod and Drag Radial categories! Pro Mod driving duties went to Kevin Fiscus, while Josh Klugger took on the new Drag Radial Mustang!

Both drivers brought home a victory and a new track record. Fiscus' best E.T. was a 5.89@248mph and Klugger went 4.30@180mph! Keep your eyes on this team as they will likely continue to race both cars at the same time again. Congrats the the whole FKR team and all involved!

Photo Thanks to
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Mills and Biehle Win at NMCA Finals

Several of our customers have enjoyed this year's NMCA events, probably because they have offered the Drag Radial and Pro Mod teams a competitive venue to race all year!

The NMCA World Street Finals in Indy serves as the last NMCA race of the year. Champions are crowned and everyone swings for the fences to edge out the competition!

The Radial Wars class has proven to be one of the NMCA's most exciting new classes! The biggest names in Drag Radial have traveled all over the nation to prove that they have what it takes to bring home a Wally. This event was full of action from start to finish. Keith Berry locked down his Radial Wars points championship and almost won the event! In an all Proline-powered semi final round we saw Berry vs Steve Crisafulli and DeWayne Mills vs Josh Klugger! Berry laid down a new NMCA record 4.11@188mph to advance past Crisafulli(4.18@194mph) to the finals. Mills followed up with a 4.12@196mph to take out Klugger in the brand new FKR/Racecraft Mustang. In the finals, both Berry and Mills turned their cars up to 11 and we saw one of the closest races we've seen all year!

Berry left first with a slight advantage .027 to Mills' .042! Berry ran an impressive 4.11@187mph but it wasn't enough for Mills' 4.08@197mph! This race was won by a .01 margin of victory! Mills enjoyed the win and the new NMCA Radial Wars E.T. record. Berry walks away from this race as the Inaugural Radial Wars Champion!

As of now, the Radial tire racers have one more stop in their season, Holly Springs, and it should be an all-out attack of the records!

In NMCA Pro Mod action, Michael Biehle and his PLR 481X-powered Mustang had a successful outing! Not only did he run his quickest and fastest pass ever, a 5.85@252mph, he had his Mustang running like a bracket car! To show how consistent he was, he went 5.85 in qualifying, E1 - 5.87, E2 - 5.86, E3 - 5.87, and in the finals he went 5.89! We couldn't be more proud of Biehle and crew! He's only been to a few races this year and he is having great success with his combination!

All things considered, the NMCA has given our customers a reliable place to race, week in and week out. We would like to congratulate all of our racers for their achievements this year and look forward to their continued success!
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Canadians Dominate at the Shakedown

A couple of our Canadian friends made the trip to Summit Motorsports Park with plans for race domination!

Jim Bell, has had a successful year especially after his big win at the Street Car Super Nationals in St. Louis. He showed up to the Shakedown at the Summit event in Norwalk, OH with his fan-favorite twin-turbo '69 Pro Mod Camaro!

Despite the rain and strong winds, Bell and many other drivers discovered that the conditions made for some of the fastest drag racing we've seen in a while! Bell qualified at the #7 spot with a 4.02@198mph. He ran a exciting string of mid 3.80's and low 3.90's on his way to the finals where he faced Jeff Lutz. Bell blasted off to a 3.87@194mph to take hard fought win!

In Outlaw 10.5, Frank Pompilio and his beautiful 1967 Mustang took the class by storm with his new PLR 481X powerplant! Pompilio started off strong by taking the #5 qualifying spot with a 4.21@186mph! He fought his way to the finals going 4.19, 4.24, and a 4.14! In the finals, Pompilio lined up against Tom Basso where he went a 4.16@188mph to Basso's 4.30 to bring the championship home!

Congrats to both drivers and their hard working teams. This is a top tier race and we know that you will not soon forget this one!
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