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Pure Domination in Sydney!


The boys from Dandy Engines in Australia made a statement at Sydney Dragway last weekend. Round 3 of the Australian Pro Street Association series was dominated by Dandy/Pro Line Racing customers.

Pro Street Blown Winner
Driver: Dom Luppino
Engine: 632ci BBF w/ twin 82's

Mod Street Blown Winner
Driver: Joe Gauci
Engine: 370 SBF w/ twin 70's

Outlaw 10.5 Winner
Driver: Jeremy Callaghan
Engine: 622ci BBC w/ twin Pro Mod 94's

Outlaw Radial Winner
Driver: Perry Bullivant
Engine: 23 degree SBC w/ twin turbos

Karl Wicht of only his 4th pass went 7.26@189mph, after pulling the chutes at 1000ft!

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Kevin Fiscus Goes 6.79 On 275 Radials!


The hits just keep on coming in the Drag Radial ranks. But this latest hit might just be one of the most shocking.

On Friday afternoon, ahead of Saturday’s rescheduled Ronnie Brown “No Holds Barred” 28?s Gone Wild event at the South Georgia Motorsports Park, perennial Outlaw Drag Radial frontrunner Kevin Fiscus, whose 2004 Ford Mustang was wearing a set of Mickey Thompson’s world-beating ET Street Radial Pro tires, unleashed the quickest 1/4-mile pass ever recorded on the small 275 drag radials, stopping the timers in an incredible 6.79 seconds.

And the best part is…the Fiscus/Klugger team wasn't even trying to set a 1/4-mile record.

Fiscus, in his 632 cubic inch, twin-turbo, Proline big block-powered mount, blasted to a likewise impressive 4.48-second elapsed time at 182 mph to the 1/8-mile and threw the laundry out well before the 1/4-mile stripe (around 800 feet), but still managed to coast across at 6.79-seconds at just 179 mph. Once word of the run hit the internet, conversations began immediately regarding just how quick the team could or would have gone had Fiscus poured the coals clear to the scoreboards.

Of course, in this case, he didn’t have to leg it out to make his mark.

In February, NMRA Street Outlaw racer Phil Hines became the first to break the six-second barrier on 275 radials in his supercharged, small block Mustang, when he ran a 6.89 at 198 mph, also at the South Georgia facility. Prior to Fiscus’ monster shot, that run stood as the all-time 275 radial world record. But now, it’s history, and the question left to be begged truly is…how quick can Fiscus (or anyone else that straps on the 275 Radial Pro tires) go in a full-pull to the 1/4-mile mark? Klugger believes their run would’ve netted a high 6.50 at around 240 mph. Eventually, some brave soul will deliver the answer, but for now, Fiscus is the king of the mountain with a number no one could've ever imagined. Parachutes out and all.

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ADRL Announces Pro Drag Radial


The American Drag Racing League (ADRL) made an announcement last week that has several Pro Line customers eagerly anticipating the U.S. Drags VI on June 8th and 9th. The announcement of a new class, Pro Drag Radial, seems to a popular topic among the racing community. And rightfully so, the ADRL is putting up big money for this class and radial racers will get the chance to compete on a large stage. ADRL Pro Drag Radial could also breathe some life into the Outlaw 10.5 scene as many of these cars could easily fit into the class by changing tires. Jason Enos made the change to radials at Lights Out 4 and was extremely successful running low 4.20's after only a few hits. Many of our customers have expressed their interest in this class including:

  • Tim Lynch
  • Keith Berry
  • Todd Berry
  • Kevin Fiscus
  • Jason Enos
  • Gustavo Turull
  • Dewayne Mills
  • Andrew Alepa
  • Steve Crisafulli
  • Dave Demarco
  • Willard Kinzer
  • Mike Keenan

We will work to keep you updated on the status of this new exciting class as it unfolds.

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Coughlin Claims Pro Mod Victory at zMax

troyCHARLOTTE (APRIL 21) – Defending NHRA Pro Mod champion Troy Coughlin rebounded from a disappointing opening to the 2013 season with a dominating performance Sunday in the Dollar General 4-Wide Nationals at zMax Dragway.

Coughlin qualified his Corvette well and rode a hot tune-up all the way to victory lane, beating Kenny Lang in the final round.

"Charlotte's such a great place to race, no doubt," Coughlin said. "The car was rocking and rolling all weekend. I've got my family with me, and I couldn't be more excited, no doubt."

Coughlin lost in the first round of the first race of 2013, at Gainesville, Fla., as he began his title defense. But led by crew chief Steve Petty, the team bounced back in the most impressive fashion.

And it wasn't all tune-up as Coughlin was solid behind the wheel, with reaction times of .053 seconds or better throughout eliminations. In the final, Coughlin made a pass of 5.893 seconds at 242.19 mph to beat Lang's run of 5.898 seconds at 246.98 mph. Coughlin got the jump on Lang on the Christmas Tree, .053 to .087, and never looked back.

"I'm not sure what the reaction times were there in the final, but it was a tight race," Coughlin said. "I could sense that he was there. I could hear that thing humming. But we got him. Thank God. What a day!"

Coughlin's Chevrolet was stellar in every round of eliminations, which used the traditional two-wide racing. He opened with a pass of 5.909 seconds at 248.52 mph to take out Chip King on Saturday, and then ran 5.902 seconds at 247.84 mph in the second round on Sunday to erase Mike Castellana.

In the semifinals, Coughlin made his best pass of the event -- 5.882 seconds at 248.25 mph -- to trailer Mike Knowles, who ran 5.944 at 246.17 mph.

"Steve Petty (crew chief) and all the guys did a fabulous job of putting this car together for race day," Coughlin said. "It's been a dream to drive."

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Videos From the Spring Shootout at Holly Springs

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Coughlin Has Big Plans for Charlotte Race


CHARLOTTE (April 18) -- Troy Coughlin definitely is proud of the No. 1 on the side of his Chevrolet Corvette, which designates him as the current world champion, but the veteran Pro Mod driver knows it's little more than window dressing as he arrives in town for this weekend's Dollar General 4-Wide NHRA Nationals.

"Drag racing doesn't play favorites," Coughlin said. "You have to prove yourself every time you pull through the gates. It's great that we won the championship, but it doesn't do us a bit of good as far as qualifying for the next event. There are no provisionals.

"I'm actually okay with that. I like it. You are truly only as good as your last run."

To that end, Coughlin carries a bit of a chip on his shoulder into zMax Dragway. At the first Pro Mod race of the year, which took place a month ago in Gainesville, Fla., Coughlin qualified 10th in the 16-car field and was dumped in the first round of eliminations.

The early exit prompted a post-race test session in the Sunshine State, where Coughlin and renowned crew chief Steve Petty discovered several small issues with their twin-turbo combination.

"There was nothing major that needed changing but the way the rules are set up this year for the turbo cars, versus what the nitrous and supercharged cars are doing, we simply can't afford to leave anything on the table," Coughlin said. "We need to get every fraction of a second out of the car every time we go down the track.

"Steve is the best in the business and he went out and ran an X-DRL race during out break and set a world record so his knowledge base continues to grow. I think we're going to be in good shape when we let 'er loose on Friday."

When he's not captaining his powerful 'Vette, Coughlin will be cheering on his younger brother Jeg Coughlin Jr., who currently ranks third in the Pro Stock standings.

"Jeg's having a great season so far and I'm anxious to see him race," Troy said. "They've had four races already in Pro Stock, whereas we've only had one, and he's already been to two finals so I'm hoping he breaks through and gets a big win this weekend. Of course the dream scenario would be for both of us to be in the winner's circle come Sunday night."

Pro Mod qualifying sessions are scheduled for 2 and 4:15 p.m., Friday, and 2 p.m., Saturday. Eliminations will begin with one round at 4 p.m., Saturday, and will continue at 1 p.m., Sunday.


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Dillard's 3.78 Record Breaking Pass

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Dillard / El General Win XDRL Debut in Tulsa

pt winnerThe new X-treme Drag Racing League made history by completing its first-ever event, the X-DRL Spring Nationals, on Sunday at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park.

Eric Dillard capped off his own historic weekend with one more bonus in the new Precision Turbo & Engine Pro Turbo class.

After becoming the first turbo driver in drag racing history to reach the 3.70s earlier in the day, Dillard topped it with a 3.786 at 210.64 mph in the semifinals and then finished off the dream weekend with a win in the finals, running 3.812 at 210.37 mph to beat Todd Moyer on a weekend he and the X-DRL won’t forget.

“It was like winning twice in one weekend. We’ve been looking for that 3.70 run for so long and to get the win on top of it, it’s just huge for us,” Dillard said. “It’s a great way to start the season and there’s so much more we can do going forward.

“I feel like we’ve got a lot of room to grow and a lot to look forward to in the X-DRL.”

The X-DRL felt the same way, starting its inaugural season with an impressive bang in Tulsa.

Other winners at the debut event included Brandon Pesz (Pro X-treme), Jeff Naiser (Switzer Dynamics Pro Nitrous), John DeFlorian (X-treme Pro Stock), Dan Stevenson (X-treme Pro Mod), Bob Gulitti (Mickey Thompson Top Sportsman) and Bob Henry (Top Dragster).

Dillard, driving the Jerry Bickel Race Cars Camaro owned by turbo standout Jose Gonzalez, was brilliant all weekend, reaching the 3.70s with a pass of 3.79 during the final qualifying session on Sunday.

The celebrations continued the rest of the day, capped off by a winner’s circle party that included a call to Gonzalez in the Dominican Republic.

“He was ecstatic. You couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. The car was just running smooth all weekend,” Dillard said.


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Dillard Breaks Record in X-DRL Qualifying


At the debut event for the new X-treme Drag Racing League (X-DRL) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Eric Dillard made his own incredible history Apr. 7, by reaching a monumental turbocharger milestone.

Competing in the X-DRL’s Precision Turbo & Engine Pro Turbo class, the Pro Line Racing co-owner became the first turbo doorslammer driver in drag racing history to reach the 3.70s in the eighth-mile, running a remarkable 3.796 at 209.79 mph. Dillard’s picture-perfect pass came in the car of customer and noted turbo standout Jose Gonzalez and took place during the final qualifying session for the X-DRL Spring Nationals at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park.

Steve Petty

“It felt great. We were confident that run was going to be the one and it just felt great to put it on the scoreboard,” Dillard said. “This has been a big deal for me. Jose owns the car and runs the car, and he wanted to support this class and the X-DRL. He knew a 3.79 was there and to let me come here and do it, I can’t thank him enough. He’s just excited and happy for everyone. This is just awesome to be able to do this.”

Dillard had been closing in on the record all weekend, running a strong 3.83 at 206 mph right off the trailer. That was a career-best for the talented turbo driver, but crew chief Steve Petty continued to dial in the Jerry Bickel Race Cars Camaro. Dillard next ran 3.807 at 208.42 mph under the lights, just missing the mark during Saturday’s final qualifying session, but that only motivated the team heading into Sunday.

Dillard_heatWith excellent track conditions, Dillard responded with the history-making pass.

“It’s just amazing. This 3.70s deal has been such a big hurdle and to get it, it’s just awesome. We had it set up where we could do it on the last round of qualifying and it just came together,” he said. “As soon as it hooked up, I knew it was there. By 300 feet, I knew the scoreboard was going to pop up with a 3.70. This was a big one.”

Gonzalez’s Camaro continues to turn in brilliant performances since it debuted last year, while Dillard also praised the work of Petty in making the turbocharger combination so consistent.

“He’s so good at what he does. He’s one of the best, that’s for sure,” Dillard said. “He was extremely confident today. He knew the 3.70 was there.

Dillard_scoreboard“There’s a lot of people to thank, including Pro Torque and the guys at Rossler Transmission. For Harry (Hruska of Precision Turbo) to do what he’s done and help put this (Precision Turbo & Engine Pro Turbo) class together to create a level playing field with these turbo cars, I can't thank him enough.”

It’s a monumental achievement for a team that has chased the mark for quite some time and Dillard, the 2011 U.S. Nationals Pro Mod winner and multiple-event winner, held the historic moment in high regard.

“For me, this is by far the biggest accomplishment I've ever had in my Pro Mod career,” Dillard said. “This is so big for us and definitely the biggest milestone for me.”


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Gauci and Bullivant Win, Luppino Sets Record

The first round of the APSA Pro Street Shootout took place at Willowbank Raceway. Pro Line Racing's own, Eric Dillard and Matt Petka, took the long flight in support of Dandy Engines and our customers in Australia. This has been a long awaited trip and we hoped to witness a great race. We were not disappointed!

Long time customer, Dom Luppino, and his crew are always pushing the limits when it comes to the Pro Street Blown class. With the power of his PLR/Dandy Engines BBF, Luppino has set and reset the record on several occasions, but he always strives to go faster! As expected, Luppino was able to reset the new record with a 6.73@217mph!

In the Mod Street Blown class, Joe Gauci was right where he was last time we heard from him, running something like a bracket car! Gauci and his PLR/Dandy Engines 372ci SBF powered blue Cortina ran consistent mid 7's to take yet another victory. 

One of the newer faces in the Dandy Engines stable is a racer named Perry Bullivant. Driving his Outlaw Radial Torana powered by his PLR/Dandy Engiens twin turbo SBC combination. Bullivant's goal was to dip into the 7 second 1/4 range. With the help of Eric Dillard and Frank Marchese, he was able to accomplish his goal and set a new personal best with a 7.83@183mph. He eventually went on to win the race and prove that he will be a tough competitor in the Outlaw Radial class!

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