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Klugger Successful in Pro Mod Debut


Josh Klugger, of Fiscus/Klugger Racing, made his Pro Mod debut at the Outlaw Drag Racing Championship in Bradenton, FL. With Klugger taking driver duties and Kevin Fiscus calling the shots, this car should fly! In his first pass behind the wheel of a Pro Mod, he went 4.00@197mph! Not too shabby!

Klugger qualified #3 with a 4.00@195mph. Fiscus added some power in the first round of eliminations, sending Klugger to his low E.T. with a 3.98@195.99mph pass! Klugger made it all the way to the semifinals where his 4.00@197mph wasn't quite enough to take down #2 qualifier Chris Patrick's 3.95. However, Klugger walks away from this race with loads Pro Mod driving experience and high MPH of the event! We look forward to seeing the Fiscus/Klugger Racing team on the track soon!

Congrats to Josh and Kevin on an overall successful weekend!

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PLR Domination at Fall Brawl

If you had the pleasure of attending the 2nd Annual Fall Brawl at Holly Springs Motorsports, then you witnessed some of the biggest names in Outlaw Drag Radial battling for end of the season bragging rights! As usual, the track surface was perfect for the radial cars, and the cooler weather gave us ideal conditions for breaking records! 

Dewayne Mills, racer out of Oklahoma, traveled to Holly Springs with his immaculate '68 Camaro which is powered by the PLR 481X and twin Precision turbos. Mills qualified #3 with a 4.28@190mph! He laid down some impressive runs on his way to the semifinals. His best pass of the weekend came in the 3rd round of eliminations when he ran a 4.27@188mph! Mills and crew are die hard competitors and we can't wait to see them racing again!

Texas racer, Rob Valden, came down to Holly Springs to drive Andrew Alepa's ODR Mustang. This would count as only the second race this car has been to, but with the PLR 481X under the hood of a quality race car, they are sure to be competitive! Valden ran a 4.29@185mph to qualify #5 in a very close ODR field. In eliminations, Valden showed off his driving skills! In a round 3 matchup against the NMCA champion Mark Micke, Valden took a crazy holeshot victory, a 4.30@183mph to Micke's 4.24@190mph! Valden moved into the semifinals where he would face another PLR customer in what felt like the final race of the night!

Last but certainly not least, Georgia racer out of BMF Motorsports Keith Berry, brought the black Corvette to Hollly Springs with two objectives: bring home a 2nd consectutive win at Holly, and continue his quest to become the quickest radial racer in the world. This would not be an easy task, but hard work and dedication pays off! In qualifying, Berry started pecking away at the record, which stood at 4.208. His PLR Billet LSX Mozez, has performed in the past and this weekend it would really be tested. In three rounds he went: 4.29, 4.24, and 4.21! It wasn't until round 1 of eliminations that Berry put himself in the record books, running a 4.206@176.47mph! But, he wanted more! Berry belted off a 4.193@185.49mph, resetting the record and making him the first official Drag Radial racer to the teens!

Berry would need to keep up this momentum as he would face Valden in the semifinals! This would stand as the closest race of the night. Once again Valden would not be beaten on the tree, Berry went 4.21@190mph to Valden's 4.25@186mph! Margin of Victory: .0077sec, which comes out to 2 feet and 1 inch!

Berry moved on to the finals defeating Bruce Johnson with a 4.23@182mph to bring home the the victory!

This race will forever stick out in our memories as one of the greatest ODR events. With 3 PLR cars in the semifinals, an event win, and a new world record how can you blame us? We'd like to congratulate everyone involved, hardcore racers and crews are the reason why the sport continues to get better every year.
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Troy Coughlin Wins NHRA Finale in Vegas

Last year at the NHRA finale in Las Vegas, Troy Coughlin took a giant leap into the history books. He won a wally and secured his points championship in NHRA Pro Mod. This year promised to be very similar.

Coughlin recently switched his engine to the new PLR 481X STAGE 3, featuring the latest AJPE Stage 3 Billet Cylinder Heads! 

Here is a summary of his passes over the weekend:

#2 Qualifier 5.922@245.99mph
1st round   5.918@245.72mph
2nd round   5.889@246.75mph
3rd round   5.902@247.29mph
Final 5.913@248.34mph WINNER

This victory meant a lot to Coughlin; low ET 3 out of 4 rounds of eliminations, back to back wins at NHRA Vegas, finished 2nd in points (only 2 rounds out of first place), and the 100th NHRA win for the Coughlin family!

If we can take anything from Coughlin's performance, it would be the fact that consistency wins races! It is a true pleasure working with the team and we look forward to another great season of NHRA Pro Mod! Congrats to Troy, Petty, and the whole crew!

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Kinzer Wins at NMCA Indy

The NMCA World Street Finals at Indy proved to be an exciting end to the 2013 NMCA race season. Pro Line Racing customer, Willard Kinzer, made an appearance in his freshly painted 1998 Mustang set up for NMCA Super Street Outlaw 10.5W. Kinzer and his crew chief, Steve Petty, have been looking for a win since acquiring the car mid-year and Indy would be the perfect place to get that win!

After qualifying #7 with a 6.69@224mph, Kinzer was ready to take on a field featuring some of the fastest racers in Outlaw 10.5. He began eliminations by taking out #6 Brian Hicks with a 6.66@220mph. Hicks went red and Kinzer moved on! Round 2 had him paired up with #1 qualifier Mark Micke. Kinzer made a great pass with a 6.59@241mph to Micke's 6.81@215mph! He also took high MPH for the event! Next round he faced Jim Brown, who had some sort of problem down the track and had to shut down early. Kinzer moved on to the finals with a 7.11@196mph.

In the final round Kinzer would again be put to the test! Facing Mark Woodruff in his stunning 1967 twin-turbo Corvette! Woodruff left the line with a big advantage, but Kinzer pulled away with the victory and his best pass of the weekend, a 6.57@231mph  to Woodruff's 6.69@213mph!

As you could imagine, there was a great celebration among Kinzer's crew. The first win of the year comes at the final NMCA race of the year! We'd like to congratulate Mr. Kinzer, Steve Petty, Jeff Lutz and all of the people who make up his hard working crew. It has been a pleasure working with them this year!

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Shakedown at the Summit 2013

We are here at the Inaugural Shakedown at the Summit to keep you up-to-date with the action! Weather looks like it may play a large role in how this race pans out. With rain on the radar, Sunday remains to be questionable and they may try to wrap this event up in 2 days. In conclusion, expect to see 2 days of intense racing action!

Our customers at the race include: El General Racing Team, Troy Coughlin, Mike Yedgarian, Larry Wood, Steve Gorman, Jim Bell, Frank Pompillio, Jeff Lutz, J.R. Gibson, John Carinci, Steve Crisfulli and possibly more!

Enjoy this gallery of our customers around the track!

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Fiscus Klugger Racing at the Big Go

Kevin Fiscus, of Fiscus/Klugger Racing, made his NHRA debut last weekend at the US Nationals in Indianapolis! In the process, he qualified #4 with a 6.00@243mph! In fact, out of 7 turbos cars, Fiscus and Troy Coughlin were the only two to qualify!In round 1 of eliminations, Fiscus made his first ever 5 second pass with a 5.97@240mph to move on to the next round! In the second round, Fiscus met with the 2012 World Champion and fellow PLR-powered racer, Troy Coughlin. Coughlin took the win with a 6.04@243mph to Fiscus’ 6.21@240mph.

There performance in the US Nationals has shown us that Fiscus/Klugger Racing will be a hard team to beat this year! Congrats to Kevin, Josh, Brandon, and the whole crew!

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Steve Gorman Impresses at YellowBullet

sgorman 03sept13
In his first appearance with an upgraded chassis and new PLR 481X engine program, Steve Gorman showed that his racing team has pure potential! Gorman made the trip to Cecil County Dragway to compete in the Outlaw 10.5 class at the 4th annual YellowBullet Nationals. Sometimes, showing up to a race with a completely new setup can be quite tricky, but the PLR 481X twin turbo setup is a proven combination and his race car was ready to handle whatever the track threw at him!

Gorman started the show with a 4.23@186mph to hold the #6 qualifying spot out of 38 cars trying to qualify in a 32 car field. In eliminations, he strung together a handful of nice runs, including a 4.24@190mph in the semifinals to take top speed of the event! In the final round he faced Doug Sikoroa in an exciting side-by-side race to the finish. Gorman had a slight disadvantage at the light and ran a 4.344@174mph to Sikora's 4.341@174mph! This was about as close as drag racing can get!

Congrats to Gorman and crew on runnering-up in their first time out with the new combo! We anticipate great things from them in the future!

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Coughlin Races to Semis at the US Nationals

troy indy 2013 header
INDIANAPOLIS (Sept. 2) – Pro Mod driver Troy Coughlin's 2013 season has been hot or cold, as he's reached three final rounds – winning once – while falling in the first round three times.

But the U.S. Nationals on Monday at Lucas Oil Raceway were lukewarm, as Coughlin raced to the semifinals before dropping a fierce race to Rickie Smith.

"It's definitely good," Coughlin said. "It's nice to get past the first round and go some rounds. The car is running pretty damn good."

Coughlin, crew chief Steve Petty and the team stepped up when they needed to in Indy, posting their best elapsed time in eliminations. Coughlin, the No. 12 qualifier, beat Tim Tindle in the first round on Sunday with a pass of 5.977 seconds at 244.43 mph.

That put him up against Kevin Fiscus for Round 2 on Monday, and though the turbocharged Corvette didn't make a perfect run, it was more than good enough. Coughlin's pass was 6.043 seconds at 243.63 and took down Fiscus' 6.218-second run at 240.08 mph.

"We put a conservative, 5.97-, 5.98-type of a tune-up in it," said Coughlin, who remained second in the points standings. "It got a little bit loose probably 300 feet or so and started skating toward the centerline a little bit. We backed it down just a little bit to try to get it back in the groove so we could stand on it again. It ran 6.04, 243, and I was like, 'Wow, it's definitely got a lot of steam.'"

He proved that in the semifinals against Smith, the No. 1 qualifier. Coughlin's run was 5.951 seconds at 247.02 mph, and he nearly overcame Smith's early lead out of the gate. Smith, though, made a pass of 5.948 seconds at 240.72 mph to get the win by .024 seconds, or about 9 feet.

"Both of us made a fantastic run that session," Coughlin said. "I think it was the fastest two runs of the whole race. But we'll just have to dig a little harder, from a driving standpoint and everything and try to get her to go.

"Rickie's doing a good job. He's leading the points and picked up a couple more rounds. It’s not near over, but it was his day today."

Coughlin, though, knows he had a pretty good day, too, as he shaved two-tenths of a second off his first pass of the weekend.

"As a team, we did a good job," said Coughlin, the 2012 Pro Mod champion. "We added some points. From Friday to Monday, we made a big improvement."

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Dandy Takes Home 3 Wins at Benaraby

Round 4 of the Australian Pro Street Association series at Benaraby Dragway was chocked full of edge of you seat action! Dandy Engines was in full effect and many fans had high expectations for their customers, after their dominating performance in round 3! The boy down under did NOT disappoint! Three event winners was enough to please the crowd and prove once again that consistency wins races!

Pro Street Blown Winner
Driver: Dom Luppino
Engine: 632ci BBF w/ twin 82's

Mod Street Blown Winner
Driver: Joe Gauci
Engine: 370 SBF w/ twin 70's


Outlaw Radial Winner
Driver: Perry Bullivant
Engine: 23 degree SBC w/ twin turbos
apsa r4 02

Photos thanks to

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Moits Racing Mustang Goes 252MPH on 10.5s!

moits252mph 19aug13
A few of our friends down in Australia have been very busy in the past couple weeks. They set out to break the World Speed Record on 10.5 inch tires, which hasn't been touched since 2010. The car is an ex Skinny Kid Race Cars XTF Mustang that has been overhauled by GD Race Cars just outside of Sydney. The Mustang is powered by the record breaking PLR 481X twin turbo engine combination. With Paul Mouhayet, driver of the Moits Racing XTF Mustang,  and CV Performance tuning and handling crew duties, these guys were ready for the task at hand!

After a few passes at Sydney Dragway, they'd already done it! Mouhayet piloted the XTF Mustang to a record breaking 6.03@251.67mph pass! To add a little icing on the cake, they went out for another pass and showed that this is just the begining! They went 5.99@252.95mph to reset the record. This run stands as the quickest and fastest Australian Outlaw 10.5 pass and the World Speed Record on a 10.5 inch tire.

This performance leaves us wondering: how far will this team go? Well... considering that this was one of their first couple times out, its fair to say that they will boost it up a notch and continue with progress!

Congrats to Moits Racing, Paul Mouhayet, CV Performance, GD Racecars, and all involved!

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