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Fiscus Klugger Racing Goes Pro Mod


We got an email from Drag Radial racer Kevin Fiscus the other day with some big news for Fiscus/Klugger Racing. We know Kevin has been talking about running Pro Modified and after selling their current Drag radial car. Recently, the opportunity came up to purchase a 2012 Mustang out of R2B2 Race Cars shop. Don’t worry though, the team will still be solidly in the Drag Radial scene with their soon to be completed Mustang from Racecraft Inc.

As schedule allows, the team will run both cars at select events – like the ADRL and some Outlaw events where both Pro Modified and Drag Radial are offered. As we write this Kevin and Josh are headed to Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, IL for the 8th annual Nitto Tires NMCA/NMRA Super Bowl to get some testing under their belts with the new car. Running Pro Modified is a step up and the team looks forward to the challenge and the opportunity to expand their racing career.

“Fiscus / Klugger Racing is excited to step up and try our hands at ProMod racing but we are still equally excited about our new Racecraft Inc. Mustang which will run in Outlaw Drag Radial. The ProMod will be an entirely new ball game for us but with the continued support from the great companies that have brought us this far we have high hopes for our ProMod program”, said Kevin Fiscus.  Current plans include running the ADRL in Memphis and if all goes well NHRA Indy. After that they will run NHRA, NMCA, ADRL and XDRL where schedule permits. I would also look for them at Orlando for the 20th running of the Orlando World Street Nationals November 6th -10th this year.

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