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Andrew Berry

Thank you guys for all the help! We had an awesome weekend and couldn't have done it without the help and support from PLR!

We showed up with a car that had Zero 1/4 mile passes and laid down some good runs!! That speaks volumes for your knowledge, chassis setup and the power our Stage 3 481x puts down.

Thanks again Eric, Doug, Steve, Jamie and ALL the people at PLR

-Andrew Berry

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Roderjan Busato and Fabio Costa

We are very happy with Pro Line’s work specially with Mr. Eric Dillard and Steve Petty, they are great and also very passionate at what they do and therefore they are the best in the business that we ever met.

-Roderjan Busato and Fabio Costa

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Jason Enos

Our experience with Pro Line has been great. We have been racing for almost 20 years now and have used a bunch of different shops and honestly have never had an experience like we have had with Pro Line. Most of the time you waste a good part of a season trying to figure your combination out. We were fast and reliable right from the start. I spent just as much on my old nitrous motor and had it apart after every weekend. This thing makes more power than we can use and all we do is change plugs and oil after each weekend.

-Jason Enos

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Carmine Pechie and Quentin Methany

I work for the largest distributors of Miller Brewing Company products in the east coast. Quentin owns and operates a local automotive repair shop. I have been involved in racing since the early 1990’s and a proud sponsors of our local racetrack with our partners from Miller Brewing Company. Quentin has been involved with racing since he was a young man helping his father with his race car, racing motocross and then eventually driving his fathers race car while still in high school. Quentin is a two time track champion at Old Dominion Speedway and I suck. Finally after loosing to him numerous times I finally asked him to drive my Outlaw Drag Radial car. We hold two records locally, finished third and fifth at two different tracks in 2009 ( We were first and third until we broke a crank, blower and then the trans) and are currently in first place at Cecil County in their Drag Radial class.

We would like to thank the team at Proline for all of their guidance and professionalism. Matt, Kerry, Eric and Steve could not have been more professional, understanding, with a willingness to listen to our issues and provide advice to solve our concerns. After speaking with Eric and Steve we all agreed that we needed to upgrade our fuel system and engine management system. Understand our needs the team at Proline recommended larger injectors, Waterman mechanical fuel pump and a Big Stuff 3. We received the parts in a timely fashion with everything necessary to complete the installation. If we had a question the team at Proline was eager to help us and explain any of our concerns, they did this without an ego and took the time to fully understand our situation and provide us with the appropriate feedback.

I have all the confidence in the world that with the guidance of the team at Proline, we will have a much higher level of success, buying the right parts the first time will save us time and money and racing will become fun again. We feel as though we have partnered with a very professional team and look forward to sharing in some of the same successes that Proline has achieved.

After spending one day at the track with Steve Petty there is no doubt in our minds that one, we wasted a lot of time and money in the past, two, that his level of knowledge is second to none and three, that we will no longer look back, rather, we look forward to higher levels of success, saving time and money and working with a team of professional, experienced man who care about helping their customers while doing so without an ego.

With sincere thanks and appreciation

-Carmine Pechie and Quentin Methany

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Danny Lowry

When I decided to go Outlaw 10.5 racing I started with the team at Proline. I told Eric Dillard that I wanted to build a car that could win any race that I entered. After consultation with Steve Petty, we settled on the new Proline 670 with twin 94MM turbos.

What a great decision. The engine is extremely durable with very little maintenance for a cutting edge racing platform. Adjust the valves every 2 or 3 races and change the oil. Its that simple.

The engine is only part of the deal. The proline team is always available to answer any of my questions and generally at the race track for hands on support. Last time I freshened the motor, Doug Patton part owner of Proline, drove all the way across Atlanta to personally bring me a part that was needed. We put the car together and went out to win our next race.

The view is good from the winners circle, and that is where I plan on staying with my Proline 670.

-Danny Lowry

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Gerald Roland

As a Pro Line repeat customer I can say in 30 years of construction business I have never dealt with a more customer friendly and reliable company than the Pro Line crew. It doesn't matter if I call for a part, technical question or even just an opinion about something I always get an answer. They might not know everything but what they will do is find the answer and get back with you soon. My project may be a little different than most but with their experience and suggestions all of the parts I have got from Pro Line were correct for what it is that I am trying to do. One of the few regrets is that I didn't know these guys in the beginning.

Thanks to ALL at Pro Line,

-Gerald Roland
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Frank Marchese / Dandy Engines

Even though we are on the other side of the world we choose Pro Line Racing because thier service is second to none. Matt in particular has been a huge help with choosing and supplying the parts we need.

-Frank Marchese
Dandy Engines
Melbourne, Australia
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Bill Kaglatzis / BK Race Engines

I've been dealing with Pro Line for a little time now, but in that time there expertise & knowledge has just blown me away. There are plenty around that just talk about, but PRO LINE has always set the benchmark and they are constantly raising it. It makes me very proud to be their Australian dealer.

-Bill Kaglatzis
BK Race Engines
Sydney, Australia
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Tom Kasper

I came to Proline racing to step up our program and they did not disappoint our team. All the guys at Proline recognized our goals as if they were thier own and that has led our team to multiple wins and success on and off the track. They are the real deal!

-Tom Kasper
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Charlie McCulloch

When it comes down to being a winner at the dragstrip, there are so many factors that come into play(i.e. car, chassis, driver, motor, power adder, tune, etc....). One factor that I'm never concerned about is whether my motor stay together. I'm not a heads-up racer, but I race index, brackets, and open comp and probably put 200-300 passes a year on my Proline built ford modular 281 motor and then freshen it every 3-4 years without any issues. I have known and raced with the guys at Proline for years and when I think of Proline, three words come to mind. Power, Reliability and Consistency. I want to thank everybody at Proline for there part in making me a winner over the years.

-Charlie McCulloch  S/ST 220
WFC 7 Open Comp Champion
FFW Mod Comp World Champion
Division 2 NHRA Super Street "Wally" Winner
2007 Silver Dollar Raceway Super Street Track Champion
2009 Atlanta Dragway Open Comp Class Champion
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