Jerry Bickel 2015 C7 Corvette Pro Mod Roller For Sale

April 07, 2017

Jerry Bickel 2015 C7 Corvette Pro Mod Roller For Sale

Jerry Bickel 2015 C7 Corvette Pro Mod Roller For Sale 

It’s not every day that a world record car goes up sale, but today is one of those days. This 2015 Jerry Bickel C7 Corvette Pro Mod roller, which was the Q80 Racing / El General Racing Pro Extreme C7 Corvette, is for sale. This state-of-the-art rolling chassis is the quarter mile world record holder at a 5.403-second ET, the world’s fastest  1/8th mile door car at  231.24 MPH, and the quickest turbocharged door car in the world with a 3.52-second 1/8th mile ET. Now is your chance to own a world record door car that only needs a powerplant!

The  roller is the epitome of cutting-edge drag racing technology and features high-tech parts from the industry’s best companies:

Chassis & Body Info:

  • Builder: Jerry Bickel Race Cars
  • Chassis Upgrades: JBRC Titanium Package (DS Tunnel, Front Control Arms, Gas and Brake Pedals, Bolt Package, Single Wheelie Bar, Chute Mount, Fuel Cell Mount, Trans Mount for Turbo 400)
  • Front Susp: Lamb Struts
  • Rear Susp: JRI Shocks
  • Front Wheels: Mickey Thompson
  • Front Wheels: Weld Delta
  • Front Brakes: Lamb Carbon
  • Rear Brakes: Lamb Carbon
  • Rear End: Jerry Bickel Race Cars Fabricated
  • Driveshaft: PST Carbon
  • Paint: Jeff Hoskins

Also Includes:

  • Spare Front End
  • Complete V300 Racepak System w/ IQ3 Dash
  • FuelTech FT500 EFI System
  • MSD Points Box and Coil
  • MSD 7730 Grid Controller
  • MSD Manual Launch Control
  • Hyperaktive Boost Controller
  • Davis Bump Box
  • Precision Performance Products Shifter
  • Safecraft Fire System
  • Simpson Parachutes
  • Stroud Seatbelts with Ti Buckle
  • Magnesium Motorplate and Midplate
  • McKinney Black Anodized Fuel Cell
  • Turbo Headers for Short Deck Hemi
    Price: $125,000
      If interested please call us at 770-481-8000.