One of the most dominant cars of 2019 is now officially for sale. This is the current Radial vs the World E.T. world record holder (3.57). In PDRA Pro Boost competition this car runs at the top of the pack also.

Engine / Driveline

  • Engine Specifications: PLR 548 inch Outlaw Hemi
  • Block: AJPE Billet 
  • Crankshaft: Winberg Custom Billet 
  • Connecting Rods: Bill Miller Aluminum 
  • Pistons: Bill Miller
  • Rings: Total Seal 
  • Wrist Pins: Bill Miller
  • Camshaft: Pro Line Racing Custom Grind 
  • Oil Pan: Moroso Wet Sump 
  • Lifters: Jesel
  • Pushrods: Smith Brothers
  • Damper: ATI
  • Cylinder Heads: AJPE Hemi Outlaw Billet
  • Rockers: Reid
  • Intake Manifold: Hogan's
  • Valve Covers: Proline Racing Custom Moroso Billet Aluminum
  • Ignition: MSD Pro Mag 44
  • Engine Management: FuelTech FT600
  • Data Logger: Racepak 
  • Fuel Injectors: 16x Billet Atomizer 700lb/hr 
  • Fuel Pump: Waterman
  • Battery: Braille 
  • Boost Controller: Hyperaktive
  • Complete Twin Turbo System
    • Turbos: 2x 94mm Precision Gen2 Pro Mod XPR Turbos
    • Wastegate(s): 2x Tial
    • Blow Off Valve(s): Tial
  • Transmission: M&M TH400 3 Speed Lockup
  • Torque Converter: M&M
Chassis & Body
  • Builder: Larry Jeffers Race Cars
  • Front Susp: Menscer
  • Rear Susp: Kinetic
  • Rims: Weld
  • Front Brakes: Strange Carbon Fiber
  • Rear Brakes: Strange Carbon Fiber
  • Rear End: Strange Billet 10 Inch
  • Driveshaft: PST Carbon
  • Paint: Jeff Hoskins

Best ET/Speed 1/8 mile: 

3.57@214 in RVW trim (current world record)

3.67@218 in PDRA Pro Boost trim (current mph record holder)

Price: $235,000

Includes : Pro Jacks, battery charger, set of wheels/tires for rvw, weight plates for rvw trim. Spare wheelie bars.

Motor/trans/converter/rear gear will be fresh prior to purchase and ready to go racing.

If interested please call us at 770-481-8000.