PLR 520/548 HEMI 4000+ HP

PLR 520/548 HEMI 4000+ HP

We here at PLR denied the advantages of the Hemi for as long as we could, but the customers have spoken. Our 481X program is still alive, and works very well for cars with dimensional constraints under hood. For the racers who have an open engine compartment, it is hard to beat the original Elephant for raw power production!

The PLR Hemi is the newest edition to our alcohol turbo engine lineup. With its forged aluminum block and heads, billet crank, and top of the line parts throughout, the PLR Hemi is built in the spirit of the virtually bulletproof and very successful 481X. We have worked very hard to create a Hemi that doesn't have the typical valvetrain issues that have plagued this engine for decades, making this package more user friendly than our competition's. This engine has already proven itself in NHRA competition. Our Nhra Legal 520ci helped Troy Coughlin's C7 Pro Mod Corvette to secure the 2015 NHRA Pro Mod Championship!  The Outlaw 548ci version is now being used in several cars including, the El General Racing Pro Extreme Corvette that ran 3.52@225mph at the PDRA Finals in 2015!


  • AJPE / TFX Forged Aluminum Block
  • Sonny Bryant Custom Billet Crankshaft
  • PLR Torrington Thrust Bearing
  • BME Aluminum Rods
  • BME Custom Pistons
  • BME Custom Wrist Pins
  • Total Seal Custom Ring Set
  • Clevite Performance Bearings
  • PLR Custom Tool Steel Camshaft
  • Jesel Keyway Lifters and Bushings
  • System One Wet Sump Pump
  • Moroso /PLR Kickout Wet Sump
  • ATI Harmonic Balancer
  • MSD Crank Trigger
  • MSD Plug Wires
  • MBE / PLR NHRA or Outlaw Heads
  • PAC / Victory 1 Valvetrain
  • Smith Brothers Pushrods
  • T&D Shaft Mount Steel Rockers
  • Moroso Billet Aluminum Valve Covers
  • Quick Disconnect Burn Down Breather Hose Ends
  • Hogan's Custom Billet Manifold
  • Hogan's Burst Panel w/ Billet Deflector
  • PLR Drive Mandrel Kit
  • Moroso Pulleys
  • Anodized Components
  • Meziere Severe Duty Starter
  • Meziere Billet Flexplate

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