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Kool Solutions Transmission Cooler

When it comes to cooling the transmissions in our 4000+hp turbo Pro Mods and Outlaw Drag Radial cars between rounds, we trust Kool Solutions to handle the job while we prepare for the next round. The Kool Solutions Transmission Cooler was designed to speed up the process of cooling down your transmission without needing to add ice. Since there is no need for ice, the cooler has a lower profile than other products on the market!


  • High quality TurboWerx EXA pump for the gear driven unit. The units have a two year manufacture warranty against defects giving you peace of mind that you will not be replacing pumps constantly and in the unlikely situation of a pump failure it's not going to cost you to have it repaired or replaced. 
  • Designed to operate on 110/120 VAC, meaning they’ll plug straight into the power outlet on your generator, your motorhome or race trailer.
  • Stainless Steel hard line tubing for an unsurpassed quality and long life.
  • Twin 16 passage units providing nearly 30 linear feet of cooling core.
  • Twin 650 CFM fans provide a whopping 1300 CFM for unsurpassed cooling.
  • Digital in-feed temperature gauge that displays the true fluid temperature inside your transmission at a glance. Eliminating mistakes from inaccurate handheld Infrared Thermometers.
  • Billet filter housing.
  • Filter adapter w/ extra large high flow passages along with o-ring fitting seals to provide leak free protection.
  • Inline strainer on the suction side of the pump to protect it from the possibility of ingesting foreign objects that may damage the gears or lock up the motor. These strainers are completely serviceable and never need replacement.
  • Lightweight aluminum 6061 frame all TIG welded and powder coated.
  • Jiffy-Tite series 3000 quick disconnect dry break fittings.
  • 5’ of connection hose to allow plenty of connection line to place the cooler outside the passenger door and out of the way. 

These are also available in 240 VAC for Australian and European racers via special order, please contact us if you need this option! Also, these are offered in Blue and Lime Green as special order, but the black units are stocked for immediate delivery.