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  • Created from the exact same materials with same engineering/manufacturing and as it’s big brother Exa-Pump, the Exa-Pump Mini offers the exact same high-temperature, high-reliability pump technology in a smaller form-factor more suitable to physically tighter applications such as motorcycles, quads, personal watercraft, snow machines, or any space-limited or ultra weight-critical racing application. The Mini is also the first pump in this field to offer external motor brushes for easy/inexpensive replacement. The custom heatsink allows the entire motor/pump head assembly infinite rotation allowing optimal orientation of the in/out ports, including port functional reversal. This pump was designed from the ground up to handle the most extreme conditions found in any motor vehicle, with a special emphasis on turbocharger oil scavenging applications. Built on extremely rugged spur gear technology, this small-frame 350°F continuously rated pump offers aerospace/military-grade quality in a compact/lightweight package.

    *The #1 cause for pump failure is ingesting foreign debris. Gear pumps of any brand are especially susceptible. TurboWerx offers a several filter solutions to prevent this.