Up for sale is Doug Palmer's notorious Voodoo Pro Mod. This car was built by Tim McAmis at the end of 2003. Palmer / R2B2 Racing Team raced this car in NHRA from 2004 up until 2013 when it was parked and has sat since. When it was running it was setup with a Al Billes Roots Blown Hemi and a Clutch Lenco. The car was current with NHRA rules when parked in 2013, and has been a best of 5.82 @ 248 MPH in the 1/4 mile.

    Chassis & Body 
    • Year Built: 2003
    • Chassis Builder: Tim McAmis Race Cars
    • Paint: Illusions Custom Paint
    • Model: 1963
    • Wheelbase: 114"/115"
    • Midplate to Axle Center: 82"
    • Front Suspension: PRS
    • Rear Suspension: PRS
    • Front Brakes: Strange Carbon
    • Rear Brakes: Strange Carbon
    • Front Wheels: Weld Alumastar
    • Rear Wheels: Weld Pro Magnum
    • Rear End: McAmis Fab Floater Housing
    • Thirdmember: Strange Cast
    • Driveshaft: Steel
    • Data Logger: RacePak V300SD w/ Tach's
    • Ignition: MSD Points Box and Coil
    • Also Included:Hydraulic Jacks and Pump, Dual Fire Bottle System, Dual Stroud Chutes, Dual Steel Wheelie Bars, Co2 Bottle, Fresh Air System, Electrimotion 8-Channel Timer, Blower Lean Out, RacePak Transducer Box, Oil and Fuel Cell

    Please call Eric Dillard at 770-231-2993 or Danny Coogle at 770-481-8000 or email us if you are interested or have any questions.