One of our customers is selling his 2008 C6 Corvette Roller. This car is setup on a 34.5" tire so it is perfect for no prep rules. Everything on this car is top of the line! This car was built off a real 08' C6 and retains as many factory components as possible. It was setup with a roots blown 481X and weighed 2600lbs with that combo with no driver. This car would be a good choice for No Prep, No Time, 10.5, Pro Street etc.

    Chassis & Body 
    • Year Built: 2012
    • Chassis Builder: Brink Racecraft Irving, TX
    • Model: 2008 Chevrolet Corvette C6
    • Front Suspension: Lamb Pro Mod Struts
    • Rear Suspension: Lamb Shocks
    • Front Brakes:Lamb Carbon
    • Rear Brakes: Lamb Carbon
    • Front Wheels:Weld Alumastar 17x4.5
    • Rear Wheels: Weld Delta 16x16
    • Rear Tires: 17- 34.5 / 16
    • Rear End: Mark Williams Modular 10" Floater Housing  4.71 (Fresh)
    • Driveshaft: PST Carbon
    • Engine Management: FT600
    • Data Logger: RacePak V300SD
    • Ignition: FTSpark-8
    • Wiring: Homier Fabrications
    • Battery: Lithionics Li3 with charger
    • Transmission: None
    • Torque Converter: None
    • Also Included: Set of Pro Jacks, race ramps, spare carbon fiber front splitter, Racepak IQ3 dash, wiring and sensors for V300SD, coils and wiring for FT-Spark8, dual air launcher chutes, M&M Shifter, Carbon fiber wheelie bars, dual fire bottle system, Peterson oil filter and primer, and fuel cell

    Please call Eric Dillard at 770-231-2993 or Danny Coogle at 770-481-8000 or email us if you are interested or have any questions.