2014 Drag Radial C7 Corvette For Sale

The Alepa Racing C7 Corvette, one of the most notorious turbocharged Drag Radial cars ever built, is for sale.

Best ET is 3.64 at 216 mph, backed by a 3.67 and 3.68 respectively at Sweet 16 in March 2018. It consistently ran 3.70’s at 2950lbs and broke the internet when it recorded 5200 HP on FuelTech Hub Dyno.

The car has had an 18 month makeover, just finished in April 2020. 

Chassis & Body

  • Year Built: 2014 
  • Chassis Builder: Stevens Racecars in Santa Fe, TX. (updated by LJRC)
  • Model: 2014 C7 Corvette
  • Class: Drag Radial
  • Chassis Upgrades:
    • Car was built with a stock wheelbase and a 2” stagger into it.
    • The body and structure consist’s of factory frame rails in the rockers along with a completely factory capsule structure and pillars around the front firewall.
    • Doors are carbon fiber made from the factory doors.
    • Carbon fiber roof, decklid, and rear bumper cover all produced off of original parts.
    • Carbon Fiber Front Clip with all working factory headlights (produced off factory parts)
    • Rear qtrs and rear qtr glass are all factory.
    • Carbon Fiber wing along with air launcher chute system.
    • Fresh air system and dual bottle fire system.
  • Front Suspension: Santhuffs with Racecraft travel limiters
  • Rear Suspension: Kinetic 4 Way Adjustable Shocks
  • Front Brakes: Strange
  • Rear Brakes: Strange
  • Front Wheels: Weld Full Circle
  • Rear Wheels: Sanders 15x14 Beadlocks with MT 315s
  • Rear End: Full Billet Tim McAmis Floater with titanium brackets and a Tom’s billet center section and a 10” 4.10 gear.
  • Driveshaft: PST Carbon Fiber
  • Paint: Jeff Hoskins (2019)


  • Engine Specifications: PLR 548 Outlaw Hemi (Freshened by PLR)
  • Block: AJPE Billet (never windowed)
  • Crankshaft: Bryant Billet CCW
  • Connecting Rods: BME Forged
  • Pistons: BME Forged
  • Wrist Pins: Trend TP1
  • Piston Rings: Total Seal
  • Oil Pan: Moroso Wet Sump
  • Oil Pump: System One Billet
  • Camshaft: Militia Custom PLR Grind
  • Lifters: Jesel Keyway .937
  • Pushrods: Smith Bros 3 Piece
  • Rockers: Reid billet steel w/ AJ Aluminum Stands
  • Cylinder Heads: AJPE Billet Outlaw Hemi (Brand New)
  • Valve Covers: AJPE Billet w/ Proline Engraved
  • Intake Manifold: Hogan Dual Rail 16 Injector Sheet Metal w/ Billet Runners
  • Balancer: ATI

Driveline Components

  • Transmission: M&M 3 speed Reid case with a Boninfante bellhousing & M&M Shifter 
  • Torque Converter: M&M Lockup converter
  • Engine Management: FT600
  • Data Logger:Racepak
  • Fuel Injectors: 16 Billet Atomizer 700lb/hr
  • Fuel Pump: Weldon
  • Ignition: FuelTech FTSpark8
  • Wiring: Homier Fabrications
  • Battery: Braille
  • Power Adder: Twin Precision Pro Mod 102mm with upgraded 1.28 exhaust housing
  • Boost Controller: FT600
  • Wastegates: TurboSmart

    Other Included Parts

    • 1 Carbon Fiber front clip with headlights ready to go
    • 1 set Mark Williams floater axles
    • 1 Carbon Fiber wing
    • 1 Engine Harness
    • 1 extra set of Weld Wheels(rear and front)

    Parts for sale in addition to car:

    • 1 spare M&M Transmission with Spare Lock up converter
    • 2 Spare 102 Turbos (minus the exhaust housings)
    • 1 spare Toms Center section
    Please call Andrew Alepa at 713-478-8049 if you are interested or have any questions.