One of our customers has decided to change directions and is selling everything he was collecting to build a new engine. All of these parts are brand new and ready to ship with no wait.

CN Blocks Billet BBC Block  **SOLD**

  • CN Block PN: 1012
  • Bore Space: 4.840"
  • 4.490" ID Semi Finished Sleeves
  • Deck Height: 9.800"
  • +.400 Raised Cam
  • Splay Bolt Main Caps
  • Dry Block
  • 1/2" Head Studs (Head Stud Kit Included)
  • 60mm Cam Journal


RFD / Brodix Cylinder Heads with Rocker Kit

  • RFD 24-B/T Cylinder Heads
  • T&D 3124 Rockers 
  • T&D Steel Rocker and Spring Oiler Upgrade
  • Ferrea Exhaust Valves 
  • Manley Intake Valves
  • PAC Valve Springs


Crankshaft   **SOLD**

  • Bryant BBC 4.00 Stroke 8 Counterweight Crankshaft


Please call us at 770-481-800 and ask for Kerry or Cameronfor more info and pricing.