Carson Innovations Billet Aluminum Third Member Case

Designed for existing 9" ford rear end housings utilizing a 10" ring and pinion. 
Some exclusive features that separate this housing from others on the market are:
  • Positively located pinion support with 2 dowels and (11) 7/16" ARP studs for ultimate pinion support
  • The pinion support also has (2) 1/4" threaded holes for jack screws to ease the removal of a pinion that is located with exact tolerance(not a clearance that loses a positive pinion support) these jack screws push against steel inserts in order to not damage the housing during dis-assembly of the unit
  • The housing uses 5/8" thru bolts to contain the spool and the hard anodized main caps are located by 7/8" tool steel dowel pins, and have a machined tapped hole for easy removal from the dowel locations with a slide hammer
  • Through computer aided failure analysis we designed external support bracing that is a combination of strength and lightweight
  • Mounting flange is .650" thick and has integrated steel hat washers for ease of installation and removal using 5/16" jack screws on mounting flange! 
Case Includes:
  • Fully machined billet case accepts 3.812 bore
  • Billet pinion support complete with bearings, races, seal installed and matched preload spacer
  • Spherical pinion tail bearing installed with retaining plate and fasteners
  • Billet hard anodized spool adjusting spanners
  • Complete hardware kit includes ARP 7/16" pinion support fasteners, 35 spline pinion nut, ARP 1/2" ring gear bolts, 5/8" thru bolt hardware!
  • Complete Timkin Bearing kit
  • Pinion support shim kit (.005",.006",.007",.008",.009",.010",.020")
  • Pinion support oil resistant o ring