NEW PLR 481X STAGE 4 ENGINE SALE (1 Remaining)

Once again we have a 481X Stage 4 engine for sale at a discounted price, completely new other than "Like New - Blemished" cylinder heads* that have been serviced by AJPE. This engine can be assembled in several different variants, 540ci or 572ci, for either a turbo or ProCharger application. Current lead times for this engine is about 8-10 weeks.

Our 481X platform is great for No Prep, No Time, Small Tire, LDR, & Top Sportsman Classes. 

*The heads have been upgraded from the original design which had thin material between the intake ports and head studs. AJPE addressed this by adding sleeve inserts between the studs and intake ports.

Engine Specifications:

  • Block: AJPE
  • Crank: Bryant or Callies
  • Rods: GRP, MGP, or Carrillo
  • Pistons: Diamond or BME
  • Pins: Trend TP1
  • Rings: Total Seal 
  • Oil Pan: Moroso wet sump 
  • Oil Pump: System One billet wet sump 
  • Cam: Militia Tool Steel PLR Grind 
  • Lifters: Jesel keyed 
  • Push rods: Smith Bros
  • Rockers: T&D Steel w/ T&D Steel Stands
  • Heads: AJPE Stage 4 481X ("Like New" Upgraded by AJPE)
  • Valves: Victory 1 Titanium
  • Locators: Victory 1 
  • Springs: PAC or PSI
  • Retainers: Victory 1 Titanium
  • Locks: Victory 1 Titanium
  • Lash caps: Victory 1 
  • Intake: Magnatron / PLR Billet Aluminum
  • Valve Covers: Moroso / PLR Billet Aluminum

Please call us at 770-481-8000 or Contact Us if you are interested or have any questions.