Open Box Pac 1361 Dual Valve Springs. Please see images to see item's condition. 

  • Set of 16
  • Spring OD: 1.536"
  • Spring ID: 0.726"
  • Seat Pressure: 491 LBS @ 2.300"
  • Open Pressure: 1455 LBS @ 1.300"
  • Spring Rate: 964 lbs/in
  • Max Coil Bind: 1.215"
  • Recommended Valve Lift: 1.000"
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This item is listed as used/clearance. Many of these items have been traded in by our customers. We make an effort to inspect all items for quality, and send most electronics to the manufacturer for testing. Please view all images to see the item's condition. All items are sold "as is" without warranty.