Our customer Robin Roberts has decided to sell his PLR ProCharged Hemi from his Street Outlaws No Prep Kings car. This engine only has 20 runs on it since being built new, and all of those were in Australia for the Street Outlaws events. The engine is still currently installed in the car and it is on the way back to the US. Container is scheduled to be here the first week of May. It will have new rods installed and be ready for pickup.

With the ProCharger F4-140 Blower this engine would be perfect for classes like: No Prep, Pro Mod/ Pro Boost, Pro275, RvW, LDR, etc.

Engine Specifications:

  • Block: AJPE Billet Raised Cam Hemi (20 Runs)
  • Crank: Callies (20 Runs)
  • Rods: GRP (New)
  • Pistons: Diamond (20 Runs)
  • Pins: Trend (20 Runs)
  • Rings: Total Seal (New)
  • Oil Pan: Moroso Wet Sump
  • Oil Pump: System One Billet Wet Sump
  • Cam: Militia Tool Steel PLR Grind (20 Runs)
  • Lifters: Jesel keyed (20 Runs)
  • Push rods: Smith Bros 2-Piece (20 Runs)
  • Rockers: Reid Billet Steel w/ AJPE Aluminum Stands
  • Heads: AJPE MH6 P12
  • Valves: Victory 1 Titanium (20 Runs)
  • Locators: Victory 1 (20 Runs)
  • Springs: PSI (20 Runs)
  • Retainers: Victory 1 Titanium (20 Runs)
  • Locks: Victory 1 Titanium (20 Runs)
  • Lash caps: Victory 1 (20 Runs)
  • Intake: Magnatron / PLR Billet Aluminum, 16 Injector 
  • Trigger Wheel: RCD 12-1 Billet Anodized
  • Balancer: ATI Super Damper
  • Crank Drive: None
  • Blower: None

Please call Eric Dillard at 770-231-2993 or Danny Coogle at 770-481-8000 or email us if you are interested or have any questions.