One of our customers has decided to sell his well known 1969 Camaro Pro 275 Roller. This car was originally built by Skinny Kid Race Cars in 2007 as a Outlaw 632 race car. Last year the car was brought back to Skinny Kid to be updated with a ProCharged Hemi and the car was switched to Pro 275 Trim. This car retains factory steel roof and quarters with VIN Number, and fits the Pro 275 rules to be legal in the class. The car has been a best of 3.74 @ 200 mph in Pro 275 Trim.

This would be a perfect choice for classes like: Pro 275, PDRA Pro Street, No Time, No Prep, LDR etc. 

    Chassis & Body 
    • Year Built: Originally built in 2007, the car was updated with a ProCharged Hemi and changed to Pro 275 trim in 2021
    • Chassis Builder: Skinny Kid Race Cars
    • Wheel Base: 106" / 107"
    • Midplate to Axle Center: 82"
    • Model: 1696 Camaro
    • Body: Factory Steel Roof and Quarters, JoeVan O Carbon OE Nose, Carbon Doors, Carbon Decklid
    • Electronics: FT600, FT Peak and Hold Drivers, (3) FT EGT-4's, FT Alcohol O2 Box, FT Input Expander, (8) FT Coils, FT SPARK-8, SpeedWire Switch Panel and Relay Board, Braille Battery and Charger
    • Front Suspension: Menscer Motorsports Monotube Struts
    • Rear Suspension: Menscer Motorsports 4 Way Shocks
    • Front Brakes:Strange Carbon
    • Rear Brakes: Strange Carbon
    • Front Wheels:Weld V-Series
    • Rear Wheels: Weld Alpha Pro Double Beadlock
    • Rear End: Skinny Kid Race Cars Fab Floater Housing w/ Carmack Billet Thirdmember
    • Fire System: None Installed, Lines are Plumbed Still
    • Chutes: Dual Simpson w/ Air Launchers
    • Also Includes: Zoomies for AJPE MH5 Hemi, PST Carbon Driveshaft, M&M Shifter
    • Needs: Front End Body Work and Paint, Both Doors Need to be Touched Up

    Please call Eric Dillard at 770-231-2993 or Danny Coogle at 770-481-8000 or email us if you are interested or have any questions.