We have an extremely low run Jerry Bickel Race Cars Pro Mod 1969 Camaro Roller for sale. This car was built in 2010 and only has 65 runs since new. This car was recently updated by Ekanoo Racing where they moved the motor back to a 80" midplate location as well as gave the car a new slick black paint job. Being a 80" midplate and light weight chassis this car is an extreme contender in any pro mod class.

This would be a perfect choice for classes like: RvW, Pro Mod, Pro Boost, No Time etc. 

    Chassis & Body 
    • Year Built: Built in 2010, only has 65 runs since new
    • Chassis Builder: Jerry Bickel Race Cars
    • Updates: Originally built with a 85" midplate, Ekanoo Racing recently moved it back to a 80" midplate location.
    • Wheel Base: 114" / 112.25"
    • Midplate to Axle Center: 80" 
    • Model: 1696 Camaro
    • Body: Carbon 69 Camaro Body
    • Electronics: No Electronics or wiring
    • Front Suspension: Lamb w/ Titanium Springs
    • Rear Suspension: Koni
    • Front Brakes: Lamb Carbon 
    • Rear Brakes: Lamb Carbon
    • Front Wheels:Weld Full Throttle
    • Rear Wheels: Weld Alumastar Liner
    • Rear End: JBRC Fab Floater Housing w/ Tom's Billet Thirdmember
    • Chutes: Dual Simpson w/ Air Launchers

    Please call Eric Dillard at 770-231-2993 or Danny Coogle at 770-481-8000 or email us if you are interested or have any questions.