PLR Raised Cam Hemi Engine

PLR’s most powerful and reliable Hemi engine platform just received an extensive update with the new Raised Cam design. Improvements include; a .650” raised cam, ability to run a bigger cam core, shorter pushrods and revised rocker gear assembly which all combine to add stability to the valvetrain. Larger head studs were added to the upper row to increase clamping force on the head gaskets. Also, the inner head stud has been eliminated, so now you can remove cylinder heads without removing the intake which saves valuable time between rounds.

In both Turbocharged and Centrifugal Supercharged applications, we have seen a significant performance advantage in favor of the Raised Cam Hemi over our “standard” Hemi. That, combined with the improved valvetrain life and the overall user friendliness of this engine have made it a great choice for our max-effort drag racing customers.

This product is not available for purchase online. Please contact us if you are interested.

Turbocharged or Centrifugal Supercharged


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