Derby Fun at PDRA Bowling Green

May 11, 2021

Derby Fun at PDRA Bowling Green

Torrential rain greeted racers on Thursday taking away any chance of testing prior to the Stroud PDRA Doorslammer Derby presented by Classic Graphix at Beech Bend Raceway, Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Most teams visited various local ‘points of interest’, including the National Corvette Museum which happens to also be in Bowling Green.  The Museum opened in 1994 and is a 115,000 square foot facility located on a 55-acre campus. It is home to the world’s only General Motors Corvette Assembly Plant.


Not surprisingly, the first round of qualifying was the racers test session and a lot of competitors had problems making A-B passes.  Of the Pro Boost Proline customers in attendance, the low ET went to Randy Weatherford with 3.703 @ 203.77 mph.  Jeff Rudolph spooled and dragged through the lights, Stan Shelton shook hard and crossed the centre line, Jason Harris lifted the front end and knocked the tire off, Daniel Pharris did make a full pass and clocked a 3.722, John Camp had 3.732 and Kevin Rivenbark rounded out our customer base with a 3.711.

It started to get really interesting in Q2 when Daniel Pharris and Randy Weatherford paired against each other and Randy ran an outstanding 3.644 at an impressive 209.62 mph! John Camp made a smooth pass right down broadway with a 3.686 and Kevin Rivenbark had a little untidy run but managed to get to the other end with a 3.675 at 208.07 mph.  Jeff Rudolph dropped the hammer on a stout 3.754 clocking a massive mph of 212.90.

It just so happens that this round of PDRA also coincided with the Kentucky Derby and PDRA made the call to throw a non-racing competition, throwing a costume challenge out to the racers to dress up in a horse racing theme.  The best dressed Derby team award went to Rudolf Motorsports and their great dress up attire!

By the time Q3 rolled around, the sun had gone down and the temperature had dropped to ‘good’ air.  Sure enough this qualifying round did not disappoint. 

Stan Shelton made a nice, quick run clocking 3.698 at 206.83 mph, Daniel Pharris had an untidy but accomplished run of 3.668 and Kevin Rivenbark lifted the bar with an also, not perfect, pass of 3.628 at 209 mph.  


The final qualifying for PLR customers landed with Kevin Rivenbark taking #1 from Randy Weatherford.

1. Kevin Rivenbark

2. Randy Weatherford

6. Daniel Pharris

7. John Camp

9. Stan Shelton

11. Jason Harris

12. Jeff Rudolph.


On Saturday late afternoon the Pro Boost category took to the track with Proline customers squaring up well in competition.

In the first round, Stan Shelton shook at half track and the car went to the right forcing him to step off the gas, Camp beat Melanie Salemi with a 3.679, Jason Harris beat Daniel Pharris with a 3.72.  Jeff Rudolph had a pedaled run not knowing that James Beadling had red lit, while Randy Weatherford got round Kurt Stedding on a small holeshot.  Kevin Rivenbark made a neat A-B pass to get to round 2.

In round two, the air got better as the day wore on and so did performances. Rivenbark stamped his authority with a winning 3.69, Jason Harris ran a quick and winning time of 3.69, unfortunately Jeff Rudolph handed the win to Todd Tutterow with a red light, and John Camp also handed his fastest ET of 3.64 to Randy Weatherford (3.65 ET) when he red lit.

In the semi-finals Kevin Rivenbark and Todd Tutterow had an awesome drag race which handed the win to Tutterow.  Meanwhile Randy Weatherford ran a 3.646 and got around Jason Harris to earn a spot in the final.

The final was fought between Randy Weatherford and Todd Tutterow.  Unfortunately Weatherford red lit, but still ran a commanding 3.644 while Tutterow had his hands full and got off the gas early and rolled through to take the win. 

The current points leader is Randy Weatherford, taking it from last event's winner, John Camp.  The next PDRA round is at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk Ohio from May 27th to 29th.  The current point standings looks like: