October 08, 2021


The PDRA Pro Line Racing Drag Warz event was the second one to be held at Galot Motorsports Park in 2021 and the penultimate before the season ends.  Coming into this race, the Pro Boost championship points were close, going out, its now within the reach of several fierce racers. 


The big news in testing came from Proline customer, Kevin Rivenbark, as he suffered a crash during the 3rd test session on Wednesday.  His parachute caught in the wheelie bars which took out most of the rear right quarter panel and caused him to get out of control in the braking area, coming to a stop on is roof. Teammate Daniel Pharris (who was in the other lane) managed to get his Camaro stopped without incident, and got out quickly to assist Kevin.  Luckily both were unscathed and ready to continue racing.  

Big shout out to Proline Racing customer Stan Shelton as he did not hesitate to offer his car to Kevin so that he can continue his journey for the Championship.


As usual in Pro Boost, the competition gets fierce especially when the tuners and drivers start to flex their knowledge and skill and the temperatures get better during the evening.  This qualifying session was no different!

Johnny Camp in his Hells Bells Camaro scored the top spot during qualifying stamping out a 3.618 @ 208.01 mph over 2nd qualifier Daniel Pharris' 3.633 @ 207.34 mph, followed by Randy Weatherfords 3.637 @ 207.11 mph in third and Kevin Rivenbark (in Stan Shelton's Mustang) slotted into number 7 with a 3.668 @ 206.01 mph. 


The first round of eliminations paired Kevin Rivenbark against the blown combination of Chris Cline (Christine), and although Kevin left first with a stout reaction time, the car veered slightly out of the grove and Kevin needed to pedal to continue the race.  As a result Cline was able to drive past Kevin and win the race.

Randy Weatherford took on the Firebird of Eric Donovan and true to his performance during qualifying got to the finish line first with a great A-B pass of 3.701.

Similarly, Daniel Pharris won his match up against Don Tolley with a solid run of 3.701.  Lastly John Camp, who earned the bye was unable to make the full pull due to a car issue at the start line but was able to activate the tree and go through to the 2nd round.

By the second round the weather was already enabling faster results when Johnny Camp took on the young gun, Preston Tanner, and won with a commanding 3.666 ET over Tanner's 3.749.

Daniel Pharris paired with Chris Cline and laid down a smooth 3.687 and Randy Weatherford won against Jason Lee in a tight race as Lee pulled a .004 reaction time to Randy's .016 and 3.703 ET.

Finally the Semi Finals produced two PLR customers paired against each other. Pharris and Weatherford raced each other in a very tight race with Pharris getting over the finish line first.  Both had great reaction times, Pharris was .002 to Weatherfords .025 and ET's were 3.649 to 3.659 !

Pharris was into the final round of racing and faced 2nd placed Championship contender, Todd Tutterow.  Tutterow got a jump on Pharris ever so slightly but the horsepower of the Galot Motorsports Camaro chased the P2 Contracting entry down to the wire, winning with a MOV of just .0028 making it the 4th win in a row for the Galot team.  

The PDRA Pro Boost Championship is wide open with Rivenbark clinging onto a 19 point lead making it a 'down to wire' next race. 

The World Finals are just one week away at Virginia Motorsports ParkPro Boost Championship is down to the wire and will be a nailbiter for the top racers.  With max points per race at 541, and 50 more points for an ET record:
1. Kevin Rivenbark
2. Todd Tutterow (-19)
3. Daniel Pharris (-211).
Who will claim the 2021 Pro Boost World Championship?