Rivenbark Extends PDRA Pro Boost Championship Lead

August 24, 2021

Rivenbark Extends PDRA Pro Boost Championship Lead

Maple Grove Raceway has been operating since 1954 and has a history recording many historic drag racing firsts: in 1989 Joe Amato and Shirley Muldowney recorded the first ever side-by-side four-second Top Fuel Dragster runs, and the first ever side by side 300 mph T/F passes.

For the first time ever, the PDRA rolled into Pennsylvania to bring its series of Pro Mod racing. Testing and qualifying conditions were hot and very, very humid presenting a complicated track for the racers!


Five Proline customers made the trek to Maple Grove in Pennsylvania, arriving to get in some testing on Thursday in lieu of the P2 Contracting PDRA Northern Nationals race. 

A rainstorm prevented a third qualifying session, so it was down to the wire in session two when Kevin Rivenbark secured 2nd position in Pro Boost and Joseph Thomas got his Nova into number 5 in Pro Street. 

Eliminations - Round 1

All four Proline cars made it through Round 1.  Daniel Pharris ran through the finish line with a low 3.69 ET, meanwhile Chris Cline handed him the win at the start line when he red lit.

Kevin Rivenbark left last but got to the finish line first with a 3.71 ET over Andy Jensen’s 3.859. 

Randy Weatherford had a great A-B race with Derek Ward, running 3.701 to 3.76.

And finally, John Camp beat Kevin McCurdy’s 3.829 with his 3.715 ET. 

Eliminations - Round 2

Round two of eliminations put two Proline customers together – with lane choice going to Randy Weatherford over John Camp.  Unfortunately, John left before the green which handed the win automatically to Weatherford.

Meanwhile, Rivenbark had the blown entry of Preston Tanner to get round. The ’69 Camaro got to the finish line first with a 3.723 over a 3.767. 

Pharris had Tyler Hard, another procharged application.  It was close at the start line with reaction times near identical, but Pharris ran the quicker ET of 3.73 over a 3.836.

Semi Finals

Three of the four semi final spots were filled by Proline customers.  Unfortunately, Pharris red lit to Todd Tutterow, giving away the faster ET but Kevin Rivenbark got the win with a 3.710 against Randy Weatherford’s aborted 7.028 pass.


The final round was run close to sunset which made for a picturesque race that saw Kevin Rivenbark get the win over Todd Tutterow.  It was definitely a very close race with Rivenbark getting a marginal win and ET of 3.691 to Todd Tutterow’s 3.707!

Kevin Rivenbark is now 322 points ahead of the 2nd placed Pro Boost car of Todd Tutterow, 615 points ahead of Randy Weatherford and 616 points head of 4th placed Daniel Pharris.

The next PDRA race is at Galot Motorsports Park on Sept 30th - Oct 2, 2021.