The Dynamic Duo – Copson and Tidwell – Take the Win at World Street Nationals

November 16, 2020

World Record Pro275

The teams of Blake Copson and Scott Tidwell continued to stamp their names all over Outlaw 10.5 and Pro275 last weekend at the World Street Nationals held in Florida at Orlando Speed World Dragway.

Both qualifying in #1 position and both taking home the win!

Blake Copson had already sewn up the Atomizer Outlaw 10.5 World Championship AND bagged a World Record with 3.69 @ 210.60mph earlier in the year. 

Qualifying #1 with a 3.81, Copson had a bye run into R2 when he won with a 3.84.  In the semi finals the Copson team played a strategic game, clocking a 3.84, and getting through to the final.  For the final round, the Copson team faced Mo Hall.  Tuner Josh Ledford stepped it up to win the race with a 3.73 against Hall’s 3.79!

Amazing fact: Copson Racing won 26 out of the last 27 rounds – unbelievable !


Meanwhile, Eric Dillard (driving for Scott Tidwell) in Pro275 gained notoriety when the Tidwell, CTR team bettered their own World Record Friday night with a 3.741 at 197.36!

This world record breaking run also put them in the No 1 spot, earning the team 2 bye runs into the semi-final against Michael Decker III, and winning with at 3.805.  The final round saw Dillard face the blown yellow Camaro of Jeff Miller.  The red Tidwell Pro275 Camaro did its job and won with a 3.779!

See Scott Tidwell driving that b*t@h back from the winners circle.


What a superb finish for both teams who had an amazing and awesome 2020, congratulations to everyone involved and we can't wait to see what you have in store for 2021!!