WORLD RECORD: 3.85@212 Alepa Racing C7

March 28, 2016

WORLD RECORD: 3.85@212 Alepa Racing C7

When long-time PLR customer Andrew Alepa took a brand new C7 Corvette, turned it into a race car, and added the power of thePLR Outlaw Hemi we knew it was going to be special. However, what happened at the RTRA season opener at North Star Dragway in Denton, TX may have come as a surprise to many people.

Alepa assembled a team consisting of PLR tuner - Josh Ledford, driver - Rob Valden, crew guy extraordinaire - Chase Driskell, not to mention help from the one and only Steve Petty! 

On Thursday, during a test session they were able to go 4.00, 3.96, and a 3.90@210mph! Valden qualified #2 with a 3.88@193mph which was only second to the world record holding Bad9er car's 3.87@203.

In E1, Valden ran a 3.90@203 on a bye, E2 he defeated Jeff Sitton with a 3.87@209 to Sitton's 3.92@192! In E3 he was matched up with Mark Woodruff and his beautiful Corvette. Woody ran a new personal best 3.92@199 but it wasn't enough to take down the Alepa C7! Valden recorded the WORLD'S QUICKEST AND FASEST RADIAL PASS EVER with a 3.856@212mph!!! In the finals he ran another 3.85@212 to bring home the world record and the win!

Congrats to Andrew, Rob, Josh, Chase, Steve and everyone involved with Alepa Racing! We couldn't be happier to see the record once again owned by a PLR customer!