Price with Fresh Spare Heads: $57,500
Price Intake to Pan: $49,900

One of our customers has decided to sell his Standard Cam Hemi from his Pro275 Car. With this motor he has been able to run a Person Best of 3.72 @ 200mph in Pro 275 Trim. This is also the same combination that ran a 3.58 in RvW Trim that was campaigned in the Galot Procharged Pro Mods in 2019.  

This combo can easily be converted to a turbo application.

It would be perfect for use in a class like: LDR, Pro275, No Prep, No Time, Outlaw 10.5, PDRA Pro Street etc.

Engine Specifications:

  • Block: AJPE Billet Standard Cam Hemi (95 Runs)
  • Crank: Callies (95 Runs)
  • Rods: GRP (3 Runs)
  • Pistons: Diamond (3 Runs) 
  • Pins: Trend (3 Runs)
  • Rings: Total Seal (3 Runs)
  • Oil Pan: Moroso Wet Sump (95 Runs)
  • Oil Pump: System One Billet Wet Sump (95 Runs)
  • Cam: Militia Tool Steel PLR Grind (65 Runs)
  • Lifters: Jesel keyed (95 Runs)
  • Push rods: Smith Bros 2-Piece (95 Runs)
  • Rockers: Reid Billet Steel w/ AJPE Aluminum Stands
  • Heads: AJPE MH4 P3
  • Valves: Victory 1 Titanium (3 Runs)
  • Locators: Victory 1 (3 Runs) 
  • Springs: PAC (3 Runs)
  • Retainers: Victory 1 Titanium (3 Runs)
  • Locks: Victory 1 Titanium (3 Runs)
  • Lash caps: Victory 1 (3 Runs)
  • Intake: Visner / PLR Billet Aluminum, 16 Injector
  • Trigger Wheel: RCD 12-1 Billet Anodized
  • Balancer: ATI Super Damper

Please call Eric Dillard at 770-231-2993 or Danny Coogle at 770-481-8000 or contact us if you are interested or have any questions.