Max Supercharged HP : 3500
Max Boost: 60 PSI
Volute Diameter: 13.5"
Max Impeller RPM: 72,000
Internal Step-Up: 4.77

What's new? (F-4X vs F-3X): The entire gearbox design started as a clean sheet, meaning nothing was to be carried over from the F-3X gearbox other than the mounting location. This means that virtually every single aspect has changed, from the new helical gear design, larger gear set, different gear ratios, bearings, and front and back billet cases.

What stayed the same?: With the F-3X-140 areo stage already proving itself in years past, currently, the inlet size, outlet size, impeller design, and volute design for the F-4X-140 are unchanged. Look for other trims of this new supercharger design to make more horsepower over time.

This unit can be ordered with a CrankDrive unit, ProRace bypass valves, Dual Seal connection, and Race Bellmouth!

Note: This is a special order item that may take up to 2 to 4 weeks for delivery under certain circumstances.