EKanoo Racing and Q80 Racing Win Championships in Bahrain

March 06, 2017

EKanoo Racing and Q80 Racing Win Championships in Bahrain

SAKHIR, BAHRAIN (March 3, 2017) – Several Pro Line Racing powered cars competed for the grand prize at the 5th and final race of the BDRC series. The competition was fast, and a few records were broken, but when the tire smoke settled, two championships were claimed by cars with Pro Line power between the front wheels.

                The Pro Modified category of the BDRC is home to a many of the quickest door cars around. One such car would be the Ekanoo Racing Lexus RCF Pro Mod, driven by Khalid Mohammed, which just recently set the door car quarter mile elapsed time record.  Donned in the Ekanoo signature white and black, this beautiful big tire Lexus just so happens to be very quick in eighth mile racing too and cranked out a series of 3.60s in qualifying to gain the number 1 spot going into competition. In round one of eliminations, Khalid Mohammed ran a solid 3.68 to take the win over Halal Hussain. Round two brought a bye run and the team played it safe by bumping the beams. Waiting for Mohammed in the final round was none other than the drag radial world record holder, Stevie “Fast” Jackson. This last race was a historic battle between door car elites. When the chutes came out, the scoreboard showed 3.644 for the PLR Hemi powered Lexus and 3.677 for blown B1 Racing ‘69 Camaro, yet the win light went to Steve Jackson and his robotic 0.011-second reaction time. Even though the Ekanoo team was dealt an uncharacteristic loss, that pass was a new best for a car that just finished its first season of competition. Congratulations to Khalid Mohammed and Ekanoo Racing on a solid runner-up finish.

                Next up was Super Street V8, which recently became a 3-second class courtesy of the dominant Ekanoo Racing SSV8 Lexus RCF. Though the Ekanoo Lexus has been the undefeated star of the class, there was another Pro Line-powered car in the Q80 Racing stable that was also racing to win. Turky Al-Zafiri, driving the PLR 620 powered Q80 Mustang, won his first round match up against Bin Eidan with a 4.10 ET. Khalid Mohammed earned a bye run in the first round for being number one qualifier. It was an all-PLR matchup in round two with Turky Al-Zafiri looking to score the big upset over Khalid Mohammed, yet his 4.08 was not enough to beat the 4.01 ran by the Ekanoo RCF. The final round of Super Street V8 saw the PLR 481X powered Lexus click off a new best ET of 3.95-seconds and take the win over Abdulla Al Shati. Congratulations to the Ekanoo racing team on an outstanding perfect season by winning the BDRC Super Street V8 Championship, going undefeated, and gaining top qualifier every race!

                In Outlaw 10.5 action, Duaij Fahad Al-Sabah pushed the Q80 Racing Mustang to a 3.96 ET to gain top qualifier. This earned him a bye run the first round, but the team still ran it out to 3.98 ET. The Fueltech EFI, screw blown, PLR Hemi propelled the Q80 Mustang to another 3.98-second blast in round two and took the win over Khalid Sayef. The final round was another bye run where DFS tripped the beams for the class win and officially became the BDRC Series Outlaw 10.5 Champion. Congratulations to the Q80 Racing team for winning the championship.