October 24, 2017

Q80 Racing Team PDRA Pro Boost

Petersburg, Virginia (OCTOBER 23rd, 2017) - The PDRA World Finals at Virginia Motorsports Park, had the largest car count in PDRA history this past weekend with record breaking numbers lighting up the scoreboard. The El General Racing Team (EGR) had their points leading 67 Mustang (Eleanor) ready to take on any challenger. Their teammates, the Q80 Racing Team, recently converted their Pro Extreme Camaro, aka The Beast” to Pro Boost trim to get ready for their racing season in Bahrain. With Eric Dillard behind the wheel, the Beast would get a chance to show that Q80 will be a force to be reckoned with in the Bahrain Drag Racing Championship!

The EGR Mustang ran a stellar 3.65 @ 215 mph in Q3 to break the E.T. record and also hold down the number one spot while the Q80 69 Camaro qualified number two with a 3.66 @ 200 mph in Q3.

Going into the first round of eliminations, the EGR Mustang was matched up against Marc Caruso. Caruso jumped out to a hot start off the tree with a 0.039 RT, but only lasted till about the 100 foot mark when the EGR 67 Mustang took the lead and didn’t look back. Eleanor advanced to round two with a 3.67 @ 215 mph while breaking the national mph record. Dillard, in the Q80 Beast, capped off a 3.68 at 215 mph to take the win over David Monday, which gave him lane choice for the next round of eliminations. In E2, Eleanor takes the win over the powerful Tommy Gray with a 3.69 @ 214 mph to secure the 2017 PDRA Pro Boost Championship! The Q80 Racing team jumped out with a starting line  advantage while taking the win in E2 over Chuck Ulsch with a 3.69 @ 214 mph to move on to E3 against Ty Tutterow.

With the Petty-Tuned 67 EGR Mustang lined up against Jeremy Ray in the Semi-finals, he knew he had to give it everything it had to continue in the battle for the PDRA World Finals. The Mustang jumped out with an early lead and re-sets the National E.T. record to take the win with a 3.63 @ 215 mph to advantage him to the finals. The Q80 Camaro makes a career fastest pass to eliminate Ty Tutterow and move him into the finals with a 3.65 at 215.89 mph.

With both PLR-Powered cars making it to the finals and the EGR racing team attaining the PDRA Championship, they decided together to hold out on running the finals and giving both teams a win for the weekend. What a great weekend for Proline Racing and Steve Petty for sending two cars to the finals in the Pro Boost class. “It was like a dream” said the EGR team “Everything seemed to finally fall into place for us this weekend, we’ve had a great season, but we’ve also had our fair share of struggles too”.

Congratulations to both teams and everyone involved on a successful weekend and unbelievable year of racing in one of the fastest classes in PDRA.