October 10, 2017


Valdosta, GA (OCTOBER 8th, 2017) - No Mercy 8 at South Georgia Motorsports Park was definitely one for the books for Team Pro Line this past weekend. We had two PLR-powered race cars in the Pro 275 class and three more in the fastest class on radials, Radial vs. the World.

In Pro 275 we had two PLR-Powered cars qualify in the top five with Josh Klugger, in his PLR 481X-powered Mustang, coming in at the number 1 spot with a 4.083 @ 191.02 mph and Don Lamana, in his PLR BBC-powered Mustang, running a 4.235 @ 176.88 mph to hold down the number 3 slot in qualifying. It was very impressive to see Lamana make it into the show after having engine problems at the beginning of the week. They pulled the engine out of the car before Q1 and we brought it back to our shop for a quick repair. We sent it back to Valdosta just in time for him to make a great pass in the last round to give him an opportunity to go rounds at No Mercy 8.

Going into eliminations, both Klugger and Lamana earned themselves E1 bye runs which gave them a chance to see what the track would hold. Klugger ran a 4.124 @ 192.80 mph followed by Lamana’s 4.104 @ 182.90 to move on to the next round. In E2 Klugger was matched up against Michael Bunton. With Jamie Miller tuning the PLR 481X-powered Mustang, the car had no issues getting down the track with a 4.107 @ 193.65 mph to take the victory. Lamana had problems getting the car to stage in the second round of elimination which sent him home a little earlier than expected. All in all, Lamana’s Mustang showed that it will be a front-runner in Pro 275 and the hard work he and his crew put in showed they have what it takes to win races.

In round three Klugger had a tough match-up with number 7 qualifier Matt Moore, but Josh was ready off the line and took the early lead with a 0.036 light and pushed him to victory with a 4.114 @ 192.71 mph. Klugger had a bye in the semi’s and ran his best pass of the week with a 4.078 @ 194.58 mph.  

Klugger was looking to take home his first win here at No Mercy in Pro 275, he only had one car to get passed and that was the nitrous-powered Mustang, driven by Richard Reagan. Klugger ran a 4.244 @ 194.21 mph to seal the deal and bring home the victory.

Just two weeks after securing the NMCA Radial Wars Championship Klugger and team win their 3rd race in a row! Congratulations to Klugger and the rest of the Fiscus/Klugger Racing team on qualifying  #1 and cruising through eliminations to bring another victory to Pro Line Racing and the Red Hat Mafia. Congrats again to Josh, Kevin, Drama, Steve, Jamie, and the rest of the hard working crew!

In Radial vs the World action, Team Proline drivers included Daniel Pharris, driver of the Alepa Racing Corvette tuned by Steve Petty, “Big Daddy” DeWayne Mills in the “Golden Gorilla” Camaro tuned by Jamie Miller, and Frank Soldridge in the PSI Speed Mustang. Both Pharris and Mills’ cars are powered by the PLR Outlaw Hemi and Soldridge runs the new PLR 481X Stage 4.

After 4 rounds of qualifying, Pharris was sitting pretty in the number 2 spot with a 3.755 @ 209.92 mph. Mills held the number 4 spot with a 3.765 @ 209.62 mph, and Soldridge in the 18th slot with a 3.886 @ 184.52 mph.

Mills took the win in E1 against Chad Opaleski to move on with a 3.845 @ 208.49 mph. Pharris won with a 3.950 @ 207.91 mph against Terry Barkley and his turbo-powered Camaro. Unfortunately, Soldridge was unable to surpass the first round of eliminations against Brad Edwards. This was Soldridge’s second race with his new 481X Stg 4 set up and he took huge steps towards making this car go faster and faster every pass. We are very excited to see what this team can do in the future. In E2 Pharris got handed a win when Edwards jumped the gun and got a red light. Mills ran an impressive 3.791 at 209.14 mph to take the win.

Round 3 Pharris dispatched Mark Micke with a 3.791 @ 210.28mph and Mills started off hot with a 0.045 RT and held onto the lead against Jeff Sitton with a 3.752 @ 208.88 mph. It was looking to be an all Team-Proline powered finals but Pharris’ weekend came to an end in the semis. Mills ran another 3.75 to put him in the finals up against Stevie “Fast” Jackson.

In the finals, Mills ran a low ET of the event with a 3.74 @ 208.36 mph and took home the $50,000 Radial vs. the World victory for the second year in a row. Congratulations to Dewayne, Tara, Kallee, Jamie, Tim and Josh for winning back to back No Mercy races. What an awesome accomplishment for this program and team!

And a big congrats to Jamie Miller who tuned both cars in the winners circle!