May 02, 2017


CONCORD, NC (APRIL 30, 2017) – For the first time in history, there was four-way heads-up Pro Mod racing at the NHRA Four-Wide Nationals, at zMAX Dragway in Concord, North Carolina. Five Pro Line Racing-powered teams made the call to this historic event, and four of them qualified in a field that was separated by only one tenth with a 5.874 bump!

Troy Coughlin set the standard by running a 5.77 at 254.95 mph to land in the number one spot. Coming of a runner-up finish last week, Shane Molinari grabbed the third spot with a 5.818 at 255.15 mph. Michael Biehle ran a 5.831 at 255.92 mph for sixth qualifier, and Sidnei Frigo locked up ninth qualifier with a 5.851 at 250.88 mph. Congratulations to all four teams for making the show!

The four-wide format, while unorthodox, makes for extremely exciting heads up racing in which the winner and runner-up from each four car race move on to the next round. While there were no PLR-powered teams in the first race of round one, the second race was a four-way battle between Frigo, Coughlin, Steve Matusek, and Khalid Al Balooshi. Team Pro Line came out on top with Coughlin’s 5.84-second ET taking the win and Frigo was right behind him running a 5.83, yet slower reaction time. The third race would see Biehle, Molinari, Chip King, and Steve Jackson go head to head; it was Biehle who gapped the rest of the field and took the win with a 5.82-second pass. Unfortunately, Molinari was the last to the stripe and did not advance.

Moving on to round two, there were three PLR-powered teams and just two four-way races. Coughlin and Frigo found themselves in the first quad along with Steven Whitley and Jonathon Gray, and it was Coughlin who made it to the finish line first with a 5.80-second pass. Frigo was edged out by Gray and did not move on. For the second race, Biehle was the lone PLR-powered competitor matched up with King, Jim Whitley, and Mike Castellana. Even though Castellana won the race, Biehle managed to sneak past Whitley with a 5.93-second ET to claim runner up.

In the final four-way race, two of the four cars vying for a historic Wally had Pro Line Power between the rails. As the tree dropped, Biehle reacted too soon and red lit. Coughlin was second off the line behind Castellana but was not able to run him down. Congratulations to the Jegs Performance Pro Mod team for a runner-up finish!

HUNTSVILLE, AL (APRIL 29, 2017) – A few PLR-powered teams showed up to the 2017 spring edition of Radial Fest at Huntsville Dragway in Huntsville, Alabama, over the weekend.

Daniel Pharris was looking for data rather than victory with his brand new, PLR Hemi-powered, 2016 Pro Modified Mustang. Even though there was not a big tire class, Radial Fest was kind enough to let him make a few tests hits. Clicking off early and running 4.15 at 151 mph shows that Josh “Squatch” Ledford and the crew have the short game sorted out. We expect big things from Pharris Motorsports this year!

After four rounds of Radial vs The World qualifying, DeWayne Mills secured the second spot with a 3.863 at 205 mph. In first round of eliminations, Mills ran a 3.87 to beat Taylor Lastor, who ran a 4.12. Tim Kincaid was the next challenger, and the PLR Hemi-powered Golden Gorilla prevailed with a 3.88 to Kincaid’s 3.97-second effort. Mills dispatched Mark Micke in the semi-finals with a 3.95-second pass. The final round match up was Mills vs Jamie Hancock, yet transmission issues would prevent Mills from making the call. Congrats to the Mills Racing team for claiming Radial vs The World runner-up honors at Radial Fest 2017!