World Records for PLR Powered Cars!

March 22, 2019

World Records for PLR Powered Cars!

VALDOSTA, GA (MARCH 22nd, 2019) – Kevin Rivenbark and Galot Motorsports will forever be remembered as the first radial car to the ‘50’s’, running an unbelievable 3.587 at 206.67 mph in Radial Vs the World at Sweet 16 2.0 on Thursday night.

Then, the collaboration of Daniel Pharris and Andrew Alepa known as Daniel Pharris Motorsports, came out swinging this morning and threw down the gauntlet to Rivenbark.

The 2017 Mustang packs a PLR 548ci Hemi, with 88mm twin turbos, tuned by Steve Petty and Jamie Miller, set the world alight running 3.57 at 214.11mph and taking top qualifying spot. “We worked on our 60 foot times overnight, fine tuning the timing, which we were able to do, I’m ecstatic to be able to claim the fastest radial car in the world to this point” Daniel Pharris said.

This unprecedented run puts him in top spot while Kevin Rivenbark sits in second.

Not far behind these two powerhouses is Ken Quartuccio and his beautiful red C7 Corvette qualifying tenth, laying down a 3.66 E.T. with his 481x power plant.

Finals start tomorrow at 10am and will run until its done!