PLR ‘ProCharged’ Power $101,000 Win at Sweet 16 2.0

March 23, 2019

PLR ‘ProCharged’ Power $101,000 Win at Sweet 16 2.0

VALDOSTA, GA (MARCH 23rd, 2019) – In a perfectly orchestrated race that has delivered everything it was expected to do for radial racing, Galot Motorsports’ Kevin Rivenbark took the ProCharged 69 Camaro to the finals and an ultimate win for the first time.

The other strong entry, Daniel Pharris and his 2017 turbocharged Mustang, who ran the fastest time in the world for a radial car, bowed out in a pedal-fest Semi Final with the nitrous entry of Norm Bryson.

For the ProCharged PLR Hemi it marks the ending of a 2 year journey and a race car combination that Pro Line Racing originally built as a house car, to research and test the ProCharged power adder. Eric Dillard took the combination to a Pro Mod final in Ennis, Texas in late 2018, running 3.67 on big tires. “We knew that this combination was a winning one and this was proved a month ago when Kevin ran his first World Record” Eric said. “Him winning this prestigious race makes us all very excited for this combination. He and John Strickland will race the PDRA series with this combination in Pro Boost with Steve Petty tuning, we can’t wait”.

The fact is that this car and combination has made it to a semi or final since it hit the track late last year.

In the RvW second chance race, sponsored by Pro Line Racing, Steven Fereday’s return to the seat was a huge success as he put away Scotty G with a 3.80. In the second round Jack Greene rolled the beam and gave Fereday the win. In the final he ran Mark Woodruff and came through with a win for his first time out in two years.

All in all it was a great weekend for Pro Line Racing customers.