July 16, 2018


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (JULY 14th, 2018) - The Grudge Kings 50K Shootout at Sydney Dragway gave racers a chance to get their hands on the largest purse in Australian drag racing history! Proline Racing was well represented Down Under with Jeremy "Jet" Martin, Jeremy Callaghan, Steve Bezzina, Perry Bullivant, and Dom Luppino!

Jeremy "Jet" Martin - 526ci PLR 481X Stage2 - w/ FuelTech FT600

Jeremy Jet Martin PLR 481X

  • Jet Martin and his combo of talented driving, PLR power, and Josh Ledford tuning proved to be an unstoppable force at this event. His turbocharged Holder Commodore made it look easy with consistently fast passes down the race track. Martin and his team managed to take the 50K prize and major bragging rights! He also announced that he plans to ship his car to the states to take a shot at Donald Long’s No Mercy 9 event at South Georgia Motorsports Park on Sept-27-30.

Jeremy Callaghan - 572ci PLR 481X Stage4 - w/ FuelTech FT600

Jeremy Callaghan PLR 481X

  • In his first outing with his new PLR 481X Stage4 engine, Jeremy Callaghan made huge strides! With the tuning help of Jamie Miller, the blue Camaro went faster and faster each run. They would eventually make it to the semifinals and finish 3rd overall! Lots of progress made with this setup, Callaghan and team will be hard to beat!

Steve Bezzina - 540ci PLR 481X Stage2

Steve Bezzina PLR 481X

  • This was Steve Bezzina’s first outing since switching from his Ford powerplant to a PLR 481X in his gorgeous Falcon XW. This car is really different from what we are used to here at Proline; it has 4 doors, weighs 3500lbs, and runs leaf springs on 275 tires. Combine that with PLR 481X power and twin Precision Turbos and you’ve got a fan favorite car over there. Bezzina made it all the way to the semis but wasn’t able to make the call after problem with the leaf springs. We can’t wait to see how fast Bezzina and team can get this car going with the new engine platform.

Perry Bullivant - 572ci PLR 481X Stage4

Perry Bullivant PLR 481X

  • Perry brought the Snickers sponsored Camaro to the Grudge Kings 50K Shootout with a whole lot of momentum. He ran a stout 3.84 at 192 MPH during testing with his PLR 481X Stage4 powered Camaro. Bullivant made it to round 3 where he faced Jet Martin. Bullivant got a bit loose near half track and had to lift. The Snickers / Bullivant team had a great outing and we look forward to seeing them back on radials for the Kenda Tires Series.

Dom Luppino - PLR 5” 670

Dom Luppino PLR 670

  • It was a treat to see Dom Luppino and his badass Mustang. This car and driver have a lot of history with Proline. His 67 Mustang is powered by a PLR 670ci 5” Big Block with twin Precision Turbos. Luppino made it to the 2nd round but was sent home by Callaghan. During an exhibition run, Luppino ran a new personal best ¼ time of 6.33 at 223 MPH and we’re told he ran a personal best 1/8th mile time as well!

The Grudge Kings 50K Shootout will be one of those races to remember. So many great racers giving everything they've got for a change at 50K. We would like to say congrats to Jet Martin and team on the win! Thanks to Josh Ledford, Jamie Miller, and Tim Davis for traveling across the world to send our customers down the track as fast and safely as possible. Thanks to Frank Marchese and his team at Dandy Engines for organizing this whole deal and building and maintaining some of the baddest engines in the world. Congrats to all of our racers and their crews, amazing effort all around! 

Photo Credit: Cackling Pipes
Video Credit: Street Machine 
Video Credit: Fast Performance Videos (Mark Wilkinson)